LG’s Windows Phone 7 Prototype Sneaks Out!

It was just the other day when LG happened to mention they would be among the first manufacturers to bring out a mobile phone using Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series operating system.  When they did, we guessed we would start seeing blurry pictures during the summer, but look at how wrong we were!

During the most recent Engadget Show, none other than Aaron Woodman, Director of Mobile Communications at Microsoft, pulled out a previously unseen LG mobile phone running the software.  The pre-production model had a side sliding QWERTY keyboard, seeing it fall into the Chassis 2 or Chassis 3 class we heard about in the news of the set form-factors for the OS’s hardware.

In addition to the phone itself, the presence of a 5 megapixel camera and a 3.5mm headphone socket was noted, but otherwise nothing else was given away concerning the LG phone.

The phone looks good, if a little unremarkable, but what’s interesting is the speed in which we have seen a prototype phone.  Will other Windows Phone 7 bearing handsets make an early appearance too?  And if so, who?

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