***This Competition Is Now Closed ***

The Dialaphone blog has been given a well deserved makeover, and to celebrate we’re giving away a brand new, not yet released mobile phone!

We felt it was time that we hurled the blog kicking and screaming into the 21st century. So voila what you are seeing are the fruits of our labour. We hope you like it and find it easy to use. As part of the overhaul we’ll be adding useful info to help you with all sorts of technological conundrums! You’ll soon see helpful guides appearing as well as the usual reviews and useful tips and tricks.

To celebrate our new image we’re giving away a brand new Sony Ericsson Vivaz. To get your hands on it all you need to do is leave a comment anywhere on the blog during February. (Make sure you leave a real email address so we can get in touch!) And on Monday 1st March we’ll randomly select one lucky winner to receive the Vivaz handset.

A few pointers on this one, Spam comments won’t be counted and we would really appreciate it if comments related to the blog post.

That’s about it, so what are you waiting for… Get Commenting!!

Terms & Conditions Apply.

  • The draw will take place on March 1st 2010
  • The winner will be contacted by email
  • If we do not hear confirmation from the winner within one week that they accept the prize, the draw will be redrawn
  • By submitting your email address, you are allowing Dialaphone to contact you via your email address given.  You may opt out of this at any time
  • No purchase necessary.  Only one entry per household.
  • Employee’s of Dialaphone and their relatives are ineligible to enter the prize draw as are all persons under 18 years and anyone residing outside the UK mainland
  • No cash alternatives
  • We reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of the same value or higher

367 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME

  1. Was a SonyEricsson loyalist sometime back but they never really made it into the smartphone battleground. Will this be it finally? If so, I want one PLEASE!

  2. I have had sony ericsson phones for years nowand have found it to be the most relaible of phones! If you haven’t got when then please do as you will never go back. If I win this phone then I will give it to my mother as her crappy samsung tocco is constantly brakin, besides, I hav just had a new one :) thank you, you guys!!!

  3. I saw some of the phones on offer at Barcelona on a feed and this one compares quite favourably. Apple have to step up to the plate now because these new phones from SE, HTC and Samsung are going to kick some serious butt on Android 2.1

  4. Been a SE fan and the best handset I have throughly enjoyed in the range is the SE W995, which was faultless in my opinion. It’s would be interesting to see how the Symbian OS 5th edition platform the Vivaz is running will deal with function like web browsing and media streaming.

    It’s good to see that they have stepped up their screen resolution to 640 x 360 pixels and enabled the camera to capture HD 720p video at 24fps, which puts it in firm contention with the likes of the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD.

    Would really like to win this one and experience that performance first hand.

  5. It looks the bees knees, but….. unless it’s simple to use would be wasted on a complete luddite like me. I’ve bought phones in the past and given up on them because they were so complicated and fiddly. We’re not all 17 with quick brains and dexterous fingers you know.

  6. been a SE user for 10+ years-think its just the company you start off with, rather than brand loyalty etc. so they`ve kinda ‘got me’ in any event.

    initially thought the vivaz was a pimped satio.

    then read the review.


    hd vid?

    im sold.


  7. I love to have this phone on my hands. Slim, sleek, super design and looks better then iPhone. SonyEricsson success will bright as sunshine with this model.

  8. I welcome the great new layout from a great web site, have used this web site for a few years now and still keep coming back and what a terrific looking phone and such a big screen – would love to win one of these.

  9. been a SE user for 10+ years-more to do with the phone you start off with rather than brand loyalty-so they kinda ‘got me’ anyway.

    started off thinkin that the vivaz is a pimped satio.

    but then i read your review…….

    hd vid?


    im sold.

    again :)

  10. been an SE user for 10 years+ but think that`s more to do with the brand you start off with, rather than brand loyalty really. so they`ve kinda ‘got me’ anyway.

    started off thinkin that the vivaz was really a pimped satio.

    but then i read the review…..

    hd vid?


    i`m sold.

    again :)

  11. Dial-a-phone’s new blog image is second to none, this partnered with the Launch of the New Sony Ericsson ViVas is like Michael Schumacher returning to formula one – Everyone is on tenter hooks as they expect much and want to see it delivered!!
    Robbie :)

  12. Hi,

    Loving the new site and blogs. I’m interested to see what guides and other tricks you have up your sleeves!

    I love SE phones, and this one looks to be another winner. Interesting contrast in features with the equally impressive satio :)


  13. I’m a big fan of Sony Ericsson, but the joystick/control pad always packs up. Looks like that has been solved with this phone, and if it’s camera is as good as or better than the C905 then I’d love to own it.

  14. Well, from seeing the amount of posts, it seems that this phone is going to be a big hit.
    It’s a very tough call to try and take on the I-Phone but I guess Sony are giving it a go.

    Have to say, my next choice of phone was going to be the I-phone but got to admit, I think I’ll be hanging on for a short while to see how this phone fairs when it hits the streets.

    Good luck Sony, hope it works well, if it does, I’ll be sticking with Sony and getting another that’s for sure.

  15. I was converted to Sony Ericsson mobiles phones many years ago. I started off with the P800, which I used for about 4 years. I then managed to aquire a P1i about 2 years ago, so it is still relatively new. My wife on the other hand has been using the SE W800 Walkman phone (which was given to her 2nd hand) for the last 5 years now. As we love Sony Ericsson phones, it would be a dream for me to win this phone for my dear wife as I would never be able to afford one.

  16. thank,s to dial a phone and sony ericsson for the must have phone , i thought the satio was good but move over for the vivaz can,t wait to get my hand,s on this beauty

  17. Great new look to the website makeover! My daughter has just mentioned to me that she would like phone, so if I was lucky enough to win it, would save me a small packet! Ive been purchasing mobiles from Dialaphone for quite a few years, and never had any problems, keep up the good work!

  18. Just what I’ve been waiting for. I’m a long standing Sony phone user, on the Orange network mainly, but a smartphone of this size and quality has been worth the wait

  19. The keyboard looks like a good, very n900-ish. Not sure about Windows Mobile though.
    Kind of reminds me of the PSP Go in terms of shape, shame its not got the gaming capabilities of a PSP.

  20. This phone looks brilliant! I always have Sony Ericsson mobiles so always look forward to the latest edition.
    Camera must be awesome i wonder how many mp’s it has?
    I would love to have one a bring the i phone to shame!! lol…..

  21. Sony Ericsson once again leads the way with a brilliant new phone. They are quietly and efficiently taking over top spot from Nokia with cutting edge, must have phones.
    I really must have this phone!!!

  22. At last, Sony Ericsson look like they’ve got back in the fight with the Vivaz. Nice to see my fave phone maker putting something together to make me reconsider getting an iPhone!

  23. I’m still using an old SE K800i that I bought when they first came out. They seem to last forever! I’ve read the reviews for the Vivaz and it looks really great. It would make a fab replacement for my battered moby!

  24. loving the new blog so far, will keep reading (but keep linnking me on twitter so i dont forget please?). phone looks fab too and i really really need a new phone.

  25. I upgrade my phone by asking family members for their old phones so I’m always behind with technology (they say I’m tight). So it be great to win this and for once be ahead of the rest.

  26. Must admit that phone does actually look really nice, and I’m not normally a fan of the newer phones, oh well looks like its time for me to spend some money and finally upgrade.

  27. what an amazing new fone would loe to be in with a chance to win in, i neer win anything (sad). dailaphone have been great with me and i would recomend to anyone. thanks dial aphone.

  28. since my blokes been desperate for a new phone for a while now, this competition is perfect – he lost his job just before christmas and has been feeling deflated, reckon this would perk him right up – fingers crossed x

  29. Great competition, great prize! Sony has really upped the game on this one. I think their hardware designs go unmatched on the market. Would love to get my hands on it :)

  30. Had a good look at the new blog page. Whilst i must confess i’m not familiar with the old look, i must say that the new look is impressive. Very easy on the eye, and navigation around the page is very simple. And the phone you have to give away here looks stunning. Well done to all involved.

  31. A very impressive and well design makeover. Well done guys!

    Lost my mobile phone, with four kids what a crises, this amazing cool Sony Ericsson Vivaz would be nicest!

  32. Looks great. Easy to use and looking forward to the user guides coming online.

    Edit – when I tried to submit this comment, I got “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” even though this is my first post! Odd.

  33. Fabulous facelift to the site guys, and the competition is impressive too. Its time I ditched my old phone and like you drag myself into the 21st Centuary. I am total hooked on Facebook and Twitter and for a silver surfer so I’ve enjoyed this article & let all my friends know about it.

    Thank you

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