Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

News from Mobile World Congress has dominated the headlines this week, and in our weekly roundup we’ll mop up some of the lesser seen stories from the Barcelona event.

1.  Windows Mobile To Live On?

Instead of putting the aging, irritating WinMo 6.5 out to pasture when Windows Phone 7 launches, it looks like it will be re-invented as Windows Phone Classic and stuck on phones no one will want to buy.  Just like now, really. Joking aside, we could see this working for emerging markets, for certain Enterprise users or for those who don’t want to give up all the apps which won’t work under the new system.

2.  What Are You Looking At?

Everything and nothing will be the answer if this prototype technology ever hits the mainstream.  The real eye-phone has been developed by NTT DoCoMo, and incredibly lets you use eye movement to control a device, be it an MP3 player or a mobile phone.  A demonstration proved the tech worked, but in the process made the user look like either a googly-eyed maniac or Eagle Eyes Action Man.  Take a look at the video for proof of both.

3.  Nokia Loves Qualcomm.

Nokia announced a whole lot of nothing at MWC, but this partnership could be set to bare some very interesting fruit.  Qualcomm, makers of the super-quick Snapdragon chipset, and Nokia have apparently been working on a phone together, and it could be ready for launch by the summer. We wonder, could this be the rumoured N8?

4.  Emporia Embrace the Oldies.

Emporia, an Austrian mobile firm, showed off two new additions to their range at MWC – the ELEGANCE and the SOLID.  Both are aimed at older mobile users who find some buttons too small and fiddly, so these two are equipped with oversize keyapds.  Both are 2G phones, but come with 1.8″ OLED screens and splash/dirt resistance.

5.  LG GW990 To Go MeeGo?

LG were almost as quiet as Nokia at Mobile World Congress, but this hasn’t stopped speculation that their powerhouse GW990 phone will be the first MeeGo mobile phone released in the West.  The GW990 should make it to Korea beforehand, towards the end of this year.

6.  Dolby Loves LG and Android?

Dolby Mobile has been a feature on several top-end LG mobile phones, and now it looks like the sound technology will be introduced on a Google Android handset, with 5.1 surround sound enabled!  Quite how this will work is not clear, but regular Dolby Mobile sounds superb, so this is something to look forward too!

7.  GeeksPhone One Demonstrated.

The clever GeeksPhone project, where you can buy a rooted Android phone with a slide-out QWERTY direct from a Spanish company, has come on leaps and bounds.  For those wanting to develop or just to have total control over their Android phone, this is a tempting device.  See the video for a demo.

8.  Apple Gets Friendly with Game Developers.

Who says Apple don’t care?  Starting soon, Apple will be trying to shake their air of aloofness when it comes to getting apps accepted into the App Store.  They will do this by visiting game developers, discussing projects and giving advice about what they want inside the store.  It should see more apps accepted, and quicker too.

9.  Sony Ericsson Said No!

In an interview with a Swedish magazine, Sony Ericsson President Bert Nordberg said that they were initially approached by Google to make the Nexus One.  They turned the chance down as they were committed to building their own hardware for their own brand, but it makes you wonder if Google knocked on many other doors we haven’t heard about yet?

10.  Nanotech in Your Gloves, No More iPhone Woes.

With the cold weather still here, putting on gloves has become a daily ritual.  As has taking them off again when your iPhone rings.  The iTouch Gloves solve this problem in a unique way, by using nanotechnology during their creation so that the entire glove becomes a conductor.  No more dimples on the ends of your fingers, then, but a potentially $200/£130 hole in your bank account for the cashmere-lined dress gloves!

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