How to Take Amazing Pictures with your HTC Hero

The HTC Legend is about to come out, bringing us a nice new upgrade to the HTC Hero. The camera looks great but if you’re not ready to give up your Hero for its replacement just yet, that’s okay. You can learn how to improve your use of the HTC Hero in order to enjoy it more for at least a little bit longer. For example, you can learn how to stop taking mediocre pictures with this camera phone and start getting some amazing shots.

About the HTC Hero Camera

This camera is built-in and sports 5megapixels. It comes with autofocus, and also has a touchscreen focus option available with a proper software download. This camera phone is not considered to be among the best of the bunch in comparison to all the others on the market. However, many people say that it offers a decent camera compared to similar spec phones.

Tips for Improving your HTC Hero Camera Photos

Although there are some drawbacks to this camera phone, there are things that you can do to enjoy using it a lot more. Tips for getting better photos with your HTC Hero include:

Adapt to the drawbacks of the camera. A good photographer knows that sometimes you need to work with your camera to get the best shots. Be aware of the fact that shots of moving objects or objects in low light are not going to come out well. Focus on using your HTC Hero camera to take photos of still objects in bright light. If you stop trying to make the camera do something that it just doesn’t do well and focus on learning how to use it for what it’s useful for then you’re going to immediately see improvement in the pictures that you take with it.

Head to the app store. There are Android applications that you can download to make your HTC Heros’ camera work a whole lot better. One very popular app is the Camera Zoom FX. This app immediately gives you access to approximately 40 more effects than what you get with the standard HTC Hero camera. You can improve zooming, add various features and alter your pictures using this app. It’s a great addition to your HTC camera phone and will significantly improve your ability to take great pictures.

Change your settings. Even if you don’t want to get into app downloads, you can easily improve the general quality of the photos that you take with this camera phone. Do this by manually changing the settings on the camera. Make sure that autofocus is always on and that the ISO is set at 400 or 800.  (800 works best in very low light whereas 400 might be a better standard setting.) Your pictures will look a lot better if you use this instead of the camera phone’s original settings.

Play around with the additional features. When you go to the camera menu, you can change the resolution, white balance and brightness of your pictures. You can also select from a number of other advanced settings. Play around with these features to get a feeling for what works best on your camera. One user recommends turning saturation to +1, sharpness to +2 and contrast to -2 to get the best pictures but of course you should try different settings for yourself.

These are just some simple things that you can do to start having a better photographic experience with the HTC Hero. Will it mean that every picture you take with this camera phone is stunning? Of course not. However, a 5 megapixel phone can be a good camera when used properly. Getting to know how the camera’s settings work and learning to adapt to its flaws will let you get a little bit more life out of it even as new replacements enter the market.

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