Nokia MWC Event Reveals…Not a Lot.

So, as it stands at the moment, the rumours concerning Nokia’s lack of new hardware to show off at the world’s most important trade mobile phone show were unfortunately correct.  It also explains why they decided not to take a booth inside the centre itself.  The press conference, held earlier this morning, lasted for just over an hour and although some interesting software announcements were made, it was devoid of new phones.

The event started with Intel and Nokia sharing the stage, where the merging of Mobiln and Maemo was announced, creating MeeGo, a new open-source Linux platform designed to work with everything from notebooks to mediaphones – whatever they are – and mobile computers like the N900.  The initial devices with MeeGo inside will be launched during Q2 2010.

Once Intel left the stage, Nokia updated everyone on the latest numbers concerning navigation and the Ovi Music store.  Nokia say that Ovi Maps has been downloaded three million times since it began, while Ovi Music grew by 400% during November and December 2009.  The Ovi Store itself is racking up a million downloads per day.

With that news, Nokia exited stage left with a big sign suggesting everyone look forward to Nokia World in September.  Is that how long we have to wait for the N8 then Nokia?

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