Nokia RoadMap Tip Off

Ahead of Nokia’s press conference during the first day of Mobile World Congress, Tom’s Guide, a French tech website, has released details from what is claimed to be their 2010 roadmap.  ‘Tom’ has remained tight-lipped on the majority of new phones featured on the document, but has indicated that Nokia will be edging away from using names alongside the model numbers of their phones, and will instead streamline their range into five distinct series:

  • The C series.  We have already heard of some devices in this range, which will consist of entry-level mobile phones, with few features other than the essentials.
  • The X series.  We’re familiar with the X6 and X3, but other Xseries phones will be entertainment and music focused, with a bias towards younger, fashion conscious buyers.
  • The E series.  The old stalwart.  These will continue to be business and email devices.
  • The N series.  The most famous Nokia phones will continue to be top of the range smartphones with cutting-edge features.
  • The S series.  Reserved for limited editions and niche products.

So goodbye XpressMusic, see-ya Navigation Edition and farewell Classic, as Nokia have obviously been listening to their marketing folk and decided their phone names really did need a makeover.

The only new hardware mentioned was from the C series.  The C5-00, the C3-00 and the C5-01 are all entry-level phones featuring GPS in the case of the C5-00 and a QWERTY keyboard for the C3-00.

We’re also intrigued by the S series, will this be the new name for phones such as the Arte, or will we be seeing some sleek new phones here?  Perhaps more will be revealed later in the day?

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