HTC Legend Goes Dutch

The HTC Legend just won’t stay away; it has made yet another appearance this week, but this time from no fault of its own. Dutch Operator KPN had posted the HTC Legend online for all to see, along with some spec info and release details on their website.

It has since been taken down, making us believe it was either a human error or a perhaps an ingenious stunt to attract traffic. Either way it was enough to confirm the Legend’s existence and get us all talking.

The page was purely for Legends users to sign up for phone updates. But a few specs that were previously leaked on the HTC 2010 roadmap were also confirmed, including the 5mp camera, GPS receiver with A-GPS and the 600MHz Qualcomm processor.

It’s not unusual for a handsets name to change at the last minute, but the website suggest the Legend name is set to stay, a rather fitting title for the Hero successor. The website also pointed to a March release date. There’s nothing else to report for now, but with MWC just around the corner, we don’t have long to wait for official info.

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