Sagem Puma Mobile Phone to Debut Next Week?

It was way back in October that the first official words were spoken about the Sagem Puma phone. Since then it has been kept pretty much under wraps. However, this week has brought two developments in the sports phone story.

Firstly, Mobile Crunch have snapped the solar panelled rear of the Puma handset and naturally spread the word. Next and perhaps more importantly, a Puma site has gone up with an official countdown until the grand unveiling. The 5 day timer points to a MWC announcement sometime on Tuesday 16th.

The teaser site isn’t giving much away, but those clever kids over at GSM Arena have stumbled across some very interesting info hidden within the page’s source code. Lurking within the Meta data are a few keywords that could shed some light on a few of the key features. So, we already know about the solar panelled backing or the ‘solar meter’ as named in the Meta tags. New additions include a GPS receiver, Bike Tracker and Run tracker as well as a Pedometer, plenty of handy tools for the sports fanatic.

Photo Sharing and Video Chat also cropped up; presumably there will be a 3G connection to support this. All the online social tools were mentioned too, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Flicker as well as an interesting application called PUMA Icon Messaging (Puma Language), a chat client perhaps? Whatever it is we’ve got high hopes for connectivity.

Finally a novel app the Music Turntable, which brings images of the Samsung Beat DJ to mind, not quite the ingenious sports app we were hoping for. Having said that, there is bound to be a lot more features that aren’t hanging in the page source, luckily we haven’t got long to wait until the official specs are announced.

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