LG’s New GS500 Cookie Plus Officially Announced

The success of the LG Cookie has obviously been so great that despite coming up with the LG Pop – a great alternative – LG have revived the Cookie name for the new GS500, or LG Cookie Plus.  This is the second mid-range handset from LG to be announced ahead of Mobile World Congress this week, and we wonder just what it is they don’t want to crowd at their event.

Oddly though, LG have not released all of the Cookie Plus’s specifications, preferring to tell us how fun the phone is in the press release, but never actually getting down to business with the numbers.  What we do know is that it will have a 3 megapixel camera, a music player and radio plus plenty of social networking widgets based around something called LiveSquare.  From what we can gather, this is another system whereby all your friends social updates are featured on their contact page.

It’s likely that the Plus will retain the old Cookie’s 3″ touchscreen and 2G radio, and we do approve of the redesign, which gives the phone a far more sleek and attractive casing than the first.  LG say the Cookie Plus is to be launched in 45 countries around the world, beginning with Italy and France in March.

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