HTC Legend Makes Its On-Camera Debut

Previously appearing only in text form on the HTC’s 2010 roadmap and as a pretty render mid-December, the HTC Legend has now graduated to actual, real mobile phone with its first appearance on camera.  And for once, the photographer has used autofocus. It always had a good look to it, but seeing it here gives the impression the Legend will be a sturdy beast, and an attractive one too provided they keep that ‘hewn from a solid piece of metal’ look to it.

It’s looking very similar to the render, with a set of hardware keys below the screen and an optical trackpad where there would normally be a trackball.  Otherwise the Legend’s rumoured specification hasn’t changed, with a 3.2″ AMOLED touchscreen – capacitive rather than resistive too -  a 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and a MicroSD card slot being the standout features.

The one thing the new pictures do show is the Hero-replacement running HTC Sense, which although highly likely, had not previously cropped up in conversation, but we’re still not sure which version of Android it will be topping.  The likelihood of the Legend showing up at Mobile World Congress is very high, although the March release date being talked of seems a little early.

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