Google Buzz to Take On Facebook and Twitter

Google is flexing its big boy muscles once again in an attempt to rule the playground. It has already conquered the search engine battle, gained considerable ground in the operating system stakes and even launched itself into smartphone war, so what’s next on the list?

Only one of the fastest growing online engagement tools, Social Networking. Google Buzz is the company’s challenger to Facebook and Twitter, integrating directly into Gmail. It will work in the same way as every other online community allowing users to post status updates, share content and comment on friend’s posts. Taking key elements from the two big names in social media, buzzers can follow people, as with Twitter and like or dislike things, a Facebook trait.

The Buzz system will work alongside the users G-mail account, messages are sent directly to their inbox highlighted with the Buzz symbol. With its foot firmly in the door of the online world already, Google’s using this to its advantage, public updates will be highlighted in search engines, a recommended content stream will be tailored to each user and Buzz feature have already been integrated into Google’s mapping services and mobile platforms including a mobile app for the Android system.

With Facebook users totalling¬†almost 400 million, Google are going to be hard pushed to wean loyal fans away, but with the company’s track record anything is possible.

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