Symbian Goes Open Source…Finally!

Following Nokia’s purchase of Symbian and the creation of the Symbian Foundation, it was always the intention to make the Symbian smartphone OS truly open source.  However, those best laid plans never quite work out the way they’re set out, and Symbian has been open-ish source for a while, available only to members of the Foundation.

But as of today this is going to change, as presumably all the legal wrangles holding up the transition have now been sorted out, so the Symbian platform’s source code will be available for download from 2pm today.  The open source nature of the OS means that developers can change the code as much as they want and implement it on anything they like.  In turn, this should increase innovation and speed up development of the platform, in a way which hasn’t been possible before.

Could this move kickstart a growth in Symbian which will see a truly modern OS developed to take on the likes of Apple and Android?  Or, as is noted by the BBC, that the open source status could be used simply for marketing purposes, in a similar way to Google’s successful stance?  We certainly want it to be the former!

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