More Rumours of Windows Phone 7 Appearing at MWC Circulate

We’ve been following the Windows Mobile 7 story with interest for a while, along with every other mobile phone fan we imagine, even going so far as to give the oft-delayed OS an award for its tardiness at then end of 2009.  The last we heard, there was a chance we would see Microsoft’s next incarnation of its mobile OS at MWC, a rumour which has not only gained momentum, but a few more interesting possibilities too.

What will be revealed at Mobile World Congress is likely to be the user interface of the next Windows Phone, apparently codenamed ‘Metro’.  It will be closely related to the Zune HD interface, to the point where the Zune music player will be integrated and used for PC syncing, and have support for Xbox gamer tags, friends and avatars – all of which brings the Microsoft family closer together in the same way as both Apple did with the iPod and Sony Ericsson have recently done with the Aino.

What Metro won’t have is Flash, multi-tasking, backwards compatibility for applications or the opportunity for manufacturers to insert their own UI over the top.  Again, this lock down seems awfully familiar.  While the lack of a Sense UI-style overlay will not matter if Windows Phone’s own UI has been improved in the way they’re saying – clean, soulful and alive are the quoted terms, whatever they mean in relation to a mobile phone – the removal of both Flash and multi-tasking essentially removes two of the previous selling points over its competitors!

We’ve got a week until Mobile World Congress kicks off and since the rumour says it will only be the UI we’ll see, we presume it’s going to be in video form, making any proper assessment of Windows Phone 7  almost as speculative as the above details.  Perhaps we’ll be surprised and they’ll load it onto an HD2 for us all to have a try, but we won’t hold our breath!

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