10 Examples of Mobile Phone Furniture and Decor

How much do you love the design of your mobile phone? Sure it’s sleek and stylish. Maybe it’s a bit of a transformer. But would you want to take that same design and turn it into furniture for your house? Most people wouldn’t want a cell phone lounger or little bean bag chair rests for their mobile phones. But then, not all people are most people. There are some people who are totally happy to make mobile phones their lives to the point where this symbol dominates their decor. Here are ten examples of mobile phone inspired furniture and decor for those folks who just can’t help themselves:

Phone ChairThe Cell Phone Shaped Chair … with Storage. This is a chair for your living room or guest room. The entire high back of the chair is designed to look like a mobile phone. And then the seat can open up to make the device look like a flip phone. Inside you’ll find room for storage. Although this design isn’t right for most people it could actually look really cute in a kids’ room. Too bad it’s not a smartphone design and therefore probably not cool enough for your tween or teen!

Chair for your Phone. Maybe instead of getting a chair for yourself that looks like a phone you could get a rest area for your phone that looks like a chair. Heck, your mobile phone is probably one of your best friends anyway so you might as well give it the best seat in the house. A whole seating area of chairs could go on a mantle or counter. It would be a cute little decor setup for holding a whole family’s mobile phones.

iPhone TableiPhone Coffee Table. There are several coffee table designs available which all look like iPhones or iPods. It’s a normal coffee table; it’s just painted and shaped to look like the all-favourite smartphone. This wouldn’t look very good in most living rooms but put it in a media room or a funky office and it could be a perfect fit!

Cell Phone Lamp. You would never mistake the base of this lamp for a real mobile phone but the shape of it is there nonetheless. It’s another decor item that’s designed to go best in a kids’ room. The blue and green colours are just too bold for most people’s home designs. You could definitely take this basic idea, dress it up and make a really cool standing lamp for your own media room though!

Phone BenchKyocera Phone Bench. Plop yourself down on this bench. Don’t worry; it looks like a mobile phone but it’s really more like a couch. Kyocera set it up at the CTIA show way back in 2006. The point was to give people a place to rest that was eye-catching (and close to their booth of course). Something like this could be a really cool addition to a modern tech-loving home though, couldn’t it? It would be especially cool if you had something like this with a power strip built into the bottom of it so you could plug in your phone charger and other gadgets while you rested on the bench!

Stylish Cell Phone Charging Station. Don’t just plug your mobile phone into any old outlet in your wall. Get a great designer charging station to hold all of your gadgets. We’re not living in the era anymore when phones are something we toss on the counter and forget about. They’re an integral part of our lives and therefore they need to be fully integrated into home design.

Speaker Pillows. Granted, these pillows are designed to look more like a retro phone handset than a mobile phone handset. They’re totally twenty-first century though. They’re designed for you to insert your mp3 player right into them. Speakers allow you to hear your music through the pillow. What a great way to keep your music on at night, stay comfy and yet not have to force everyone else to listen to your tunes. Also great for car rides!

Phone on Pillow Design. Or how about just starting to include the image of a mobile phone into the designs of different things in your home. Here we have a great funky pillow that is bright in colour and features a mobile phone in the centre of the design. A whole set of these in different colours and showing off different phones would be great on a couch in a home office. Wallpaper, curtains and upholstery can all feature mobile phone shapes as part of the design as well.

Telephone Box ChairBritish Phone Booth Chair. This was a really popular funky chair when it first came out. It’s not a mobile phone chair but it does give a nod to the time before mobile phones were around. Those old phone booths sure make you appreciate that you’ve got a cell phone attached to your hip now don’t they? This cute chair would be really great in a home that has a kitschy retro design to it!

Phone Interactive Furniture. There are a lot of cool furniture and decor designs that are shaped and inspired by mobile phones. But that’s not where the real future of phone home decor lies. What we’ve seen a bit of – and hopefully will see a lot more of in the future – is interactive furniture in the home that is controlled by your mobile phone. All types of remote-controlled furniture could start popping up around your house based on this same great idea.

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