Femtocells are Back, and This Time They’re Cheaper!

FemtocellsThe Femtocell, an indoor mobile base-station for improving cell reception, has not really been pushed as an option in the UK, despite its stronger following in the USA.  In the middle of 2009, Vodafone starting selling their Access Gateway, a £160 Femtocell, but hardly marketed it at all to the general public, thus it never caught on.

This may be set to change though, as the Access Gateway has been re-branded to become the Sure Signal – a far more fitting title given its function – and has had an all important price drop.  The original £160 price tag was way to much to spend making up for the shortcomings of a service you already paid for, however the new £50 price point is much better, especially as the £5 per-month-for-a-year option has been retained too.

The technical aspects of the Sure Signal appear not to have changed, as you still need a broadband Internet connection in your home and the device can handle 32 registered handsets, but only four will be able to make a call at the same time.

Speaking as someone whose mobile reception only works if I’m close to a window at home, where even then it’s only one bar, the Femtocell is an attractive proposition, but I do think it should be free to those in this situation.  What’s your opinion?  Are you planning on Femtocell ownership now the price has dropped, or do you feel as I do that they should be given free of charge to subscribers-in-need?  Let us know below!

2 thoughts on “Femtocells are Back, and This Time They’re Cheaper!

  1. I would dearly love to have a femtocell, as would most of my (not very near) neighbours. I have a ‘phone contract which I barely use, as I have no reception at home.

    I would prefer a non-tied version, and I also think Vodafone are substantially over-charging….

  2. Agreed – they should be free, especially if your in a “strong signal area” according to the website, BEFORE you purchase. Or they should bribe you for having one and make it open so people around can use it!

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