Nokia vs Apple Allegations Escalate

Nokia  AppleNokia and Apple are locked in an ever-increasing legal dispute based on the fact that there are only a finite number of ways to build a phone, and they’re not going to leave the billion dollar US mobile phone market because someone else did it four seconds earlier. The personal electronics patent battle continues, and the only people anywhere near winning so far are the lawyers. Nokia sued Apple in October last year, alleging the iPhoners were infringing on ten of its patents. Apple countered by claiming Nokia was infringing thirteen of theirs, so Nokia knew they could only do one thing: claim even more by boosting the patent count to seventeen with a separate suit.

Apple’s now going for all the marbles by asking the International Trade Commission to block all Nokia imports into the US, which is about as likely as legally banning sunshine, but it is a serious challenge which will consume Nokia’s time and money – just like they’re eating Apple’s.

Nokia spokespeople announced that the company would “defend itself vigorously,” so you can look forward to several more suits being filed in short order.  And you might want to consider a lucrative career as a lawyer.

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