10 Ridiculous Ideas About Future of Mobile Phones

What is going to happen with mobile phones in the future? What types of cell phones are we going to have? What will they look like and what will they be capable of doing? Although we can guess at some of the future mobile technology that is in store for us, the truth is that we’re not going to know what cell phones will be like in twenty years until at least another decade or so has passed. That doesn’t stop a lot of people from guessing though. Here is a look at ten ridiculous ideas that people have suggested about the future of mobile phones. Who knows, maybe one day these ideas are not going to seem so ridiculous at all:

Datoos (DNA-based tattoos). This is an idea that a company called Frog Design came up with when it started thinking about what is going to happen to computer technology in the future. The idea is that you wouldn’t need to carry around a laptop or a mobile phone anymore because you would be able to connect to the World Wide Web using your body alone. Recyclable materials would be implanted into you and your body would actually become the computer interface. You could place your calls and surf the web just by using your own body. It’s not likely to happen any time soon but articles about the idea even point out that there was a time not all that long ago when the idea of mobile phones sounded as far-fetched to people as this idea does to us today.

Mobile Phone implantSubcutaneous mobile phone implant. If you have ever watched a documentary about body modification then you know that there are some people who implant products underneath the skin so that the shape shows up as a sort of three-dimensional tattoo. A guy named Jim Mielke wants to take that idea even further to create a functional mobile phone that is implanted beneath the skin. The phone would basically be a rolled up tube of flexible silicon that was implanted underneath the skin. On top of the skin you would see a digital tattoo of a mobile phone touchscreen. The whole device would be functional and would get its power from your blood. Hmm, think this one is going to happen?

HiFi – A mobile phone and headphones in one. We are used to seeing people listening to music on their mobile phones using headphones that are plugged into the device. But what about having a mobile phone that actually opens up into headphones? That’s the idea behind HiFi, a submission that was made earlier this year to LG’s Design the Future Contest. There are some limitations in terms of the materials that would be required to make a phone like this but maybe it could happen someday.

Morph – Mobile phone from 2033. Nokia has some high hopes for what the company will be able to do in terms of the future of handset design. They want to implement nanotechnology to create impressive mobile phones that can do everything from tapping directly into your brain to capture your memories to serving as a second pair of eyes for you. Learn more.

Nokia ScentsoryMulti-sensory phones. There are a lot of people who believe that it will be possible in the future to have mobile phones that respond to all of our senses (rather than just to touch and sound). The phones would be able to notice a particular scent, for example, and perhaps we would see some interesting phone apps developed to go along with this newfound ability. Or perhaps not. Nokia has a concept phone like this called Scentsory.

Jewellery that makes calls. Forget about mobile phones that need to be carried around with you. Some people are predicting that what will happen is that phone technology will be incorporated into other things, like jewellery, so that you can just wear it with you. One suggestion is to create a beaded bracelet in which each bead can call a person that you want to talk to. Instead of exchanging numbers, you would ask someone to give you one of their beads and you would string it on your bracelet. When you want to call them, you just press the bead and start talking.

Smartphones will have multi-core processing. This one seems like it’s going to be a long time before it can be implemented but perhaps it’s not such a ridiculous idea after all. Think about it; there was a time when our computers had single core processors and now we could never imagine going back to that. It may be that one day we have superfast advanced multi-functional mobile phones just like that.

Wind-powered mobile phones. There are a lot of things being done with wind power today. The mobile phone industry is even adopting this renewable resource to power phone chargers and even cell phone towers. However we’ve yet to see a working model of a wind-powered mobile phone. Could that be something that the future will hold?

Fuel PhoneMobile phones to be powered by fuel cells. People who are interested in the development of fuel cell technology say that it will one day be possible to use this technology to power just about everything in our lives. We’re starting to come close to the release of fuel cell automobiles so it’s not too farfetched to think that a phone powered by fuel cells could happen one day. Nobody’s making any rash predictions here, though; this kind of mobile technology isn’t expected until around 2050.

Vertus, the wind-up mobile phone. On the one hand we have a bunch of people predicting that we’re going to be using major advanced technology to power our mobile phones. On the other hand we have people saying that we’re going to start seeing something as basic as a wind-up phone as early as next year. The Vertus is a concept phone that is powered by winding it up. It’s suggested as an ideal solution for cell phones in rural developing nations that don’t have access to a lot of electricity for charging their phones. It’s not out yet but this one is well on its way to becoming a reality. Nevertheless, a wind-up mobile phone seems a little wacky doesn’t it?

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