Spreading The Holiday Cheer

For many, Christmas means one thing and one thing only…. Presents! And year after year, you dread opening ‘that’ present, the one which is either a) completely vile, b) utterly useless or c) that boring that you wouldn’t even consider putting it in your weekly shopping trolley. So while I was scouting the web for ‘ingenious’ present ideas I stumbled upon a few stocking fillers for the mobile addicts.

The Good:

poloroid.JPGThe Polaroid PoGo – A nifty piece of equipment that is more for fun than practicality. It’s the ideal present for the happy snappers, the ones who buy a mobile phone based on the camera functionality and who are forever ‘capturing the moment’.

Basically, it’s a pocketable device that lets you print off your photos straight from your mobile phone. All you have to do is connect to the little printer using a bluetooth connection, which is a given on phones nowadays and in less than 60 seconds you’ve got a 2 x 3″ photo. And because it doesn’t use ink, the only thing you have to spend money on is the paper. Cool huh?

The Bad:

cyber.JPGCyber Clean – Personally, I think this goo-based gadget is fantastic, perhaps because of my neat freak nature, but never the less the majority have spoken and it’s just not what you want to find carefully wrapped under the tree. The idea behind it is simple, all that dirt and general scum that gets trapped between phone keys, keyboards, in speaker sockets anywhere hard to reach can be lifted away by pressing the goo on the offending item and peeling it away. The perfect present for the Obsessive compulsive among us or so I thought, but apparently it’s just not exciting enough for Christmas.

The Downright Ugly:

reindeer.JPGOffensive Phone Accessories – With the joys of Christmas, out comes the bad taste. We all know someone who revels in the trashy Christmas decorations and enjoys spreading the holiday cheer with such articles as the ‘flashing phone Santa hat’ and ‘musical reindeer phone holder’. Amusing as they are, for all of ten seconds, they are not and never will be cool. Just put it back on the shelf and walk away.

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