Supermarket Sweep


Tesco iPhone

You run out of milk, so you nip to your local supermarket, and there, sitting between the bread aisle and the dairy fridges is the most powerful smartphone to date… confused? I am.

Tesco has announced it will be stocking the Apple iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS before Christmas. A great catch for Tesco mobile, but what does this mean for the iPhones credibility?

The Apple iPhone has always been THE luxury smartphone. The end of O2′s exclusivity saw the beginning of a crumbling reputation. Ok, so the iPhone hasn’t got any less powerful, it can still do everything that sets it apart from the rest but picking it up along with your weekly shop doesn’t exactly cry out sophistication.

Maybe it’s the natural move, Apple want to make more money and providing it to a wider audience will do just that. It’s already available from a wide range of mobile phone dealers – Orange, Vodafone (in 2010), Phones 4u, Carphone Warehouse, DialaPhone and now Tesco.

 The BBC’s technology editor Rory Cellan-Jones claimed that a price war is “looming” when he broke the news on Twitter. Doubtful, unless you can start using those clubcard points you’ve clocked up to bag yourself the latest iPhone, but I can’t see that happening, can you?

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