Sneaking In System Access Fees

Money PhoneThe impenetrable nature of some providers payment options has become clear to Canadians: the last of their national networks finally dropped the frankly insulting system access fee, aka “the money we charge you for the privilege of giving us money,” and most mobile users are no better off.  It seems various monthly plans have suddenly and mysteriously increased by roughly equivalent amounts.

Anyone surprised by this should immediately return to their home planet, because you won’t last long down here.  With many mobile networks seeing serious economic difficulties on the horizon, and those crazy customers increasingly demanding internet and “actual coverage most of the time thanks”, they’re having to spend more while charging less.  The optimistic Tony Merchant of the Canadian Merchant Law Group LLP is keeping up the pressure by launching a class-action suit, trying to recoup some of the billions of dollars paid in increasingly frivolous-looking charges over the years.  A noble endeavor, though after that he might want to consider hunting unicorns or setting up a blood bank in a quarry.

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