iPhone Price Point Unchanged By Orange

Anyone eagerly anticipating an inexpensive iPhone had better start saving after all -The newly announced Orange iPhone deals break O2′s exclusivity but not their rates. The top-of-the-line iPhone 3GS will retail at only nineteen pence cheaper than existing prices. Yes, that’s pence.  No, that’s not very much.
It seems the cellphone providers have worked out that there’s no point in selling more of something if you’re losing money with each unit (as demonstrated by Sony’s PS3, which has lost them almost two billion pounds to date).  We’ll expect Vodafone’s announcement to establish a similar baseline, meaning you can haggle over your connection options but the base price is here to stay:  £175 with a two-year contract.
The earlier 3G version remains free with a contract, but the terror of getting anything but the latest should ensure solid sales for iPhone 3GS model this Christmas – over a quarter of a million people have already registered “interest” in the Orange iPhone according to their chief executive Tom Alexander.

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