BlackBerry Watch On the Way?

blackberry-watch-real-1.jpgThis is an interesting rumour.  Some renderings of a future watch compatible with BlackBerry devices have made their way into the public eye and aside from looking quite wearable, the watch has some interesting functionality too.  It’s worth stating that the watch is not a RIM product nor has it been officially announced yet, but the more coverage it gets, the more likely we are to see it!

Instead of being an actual phone, like the LG GD910, the WatchBerry is a notification device, designed for use when your handset is out of reach or you’re in a situation where looking at the screen is difficult.  Although one could use it when it’s inappropriate to start browsing messages on your phone too, we would argue that in these situations, endlessly looking at your watch would be just as bad!

An OLED screen will display incoming emails and messages, after alerting you by vibrating, plus the usual watch features, and the device will use Bluetooth to communicate with your BlackBerry phone.  As it is being made by a third-party, our WatchBerry moniker is unlikely to stick, and instead the name inPulse SmartWatch will likely be used.  Release dates and locations are currently unknown, but if the rumours are true, it could be out soon.

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