Long Awaited BlackBerry Storm2 Let Loose on the World!

BlackBerry Storm 2We have been waiting since, well, since the first Storm for a revised touchscreen BlackBerry and finally, after months of speculation and leaks regarding the specification and the technology involved, the new Storm2 is official.  It’s an exclusive to Vodafone in the UK for its initial release, but the word is Vodafone won’t be holding on to it for long.

So, how accurate was our spec prediction printed last week?  Very, is the answer!  In case you need a reminder though, here are the highlights:

  •  The 3.25″, 480×360 pixel touchscreen has retained the SurePress technique, but with new piezo technology to improve feedback and touch-ability.
  • Our one area of failure, as the Storm2 has a 3.2 megapixel camera instead of the possible 5 megapixel.  It has got geo-tagging, autofocus and an LED flash though.
  • 3G with HSDPA and HSUPA.
  • Wi-Fi makes its appearance on the Storm2, along with 2.1 Bluetooth and Assisted GPS.
  • BlackBerry OS 5.0.

The new Storm2 improves over the original Storm in several areas.  The first is the most obvious exclusion from the Storm, Wi-Fi, which now completes the Storm2′s connectivity line-up along with the all-singing v2.1 Bluetooth rather than vanilla v2.0 found on the Storm.  Onboard storage has been doubled to 2GB, as has the built-in Flash memory, now 256MB from 128MB.

But all eyes – or should that be fingers – will be on the reworked SurePress touchscreen.  The single microswitch hidden under the screen has gone, replaced by four peizo sensors in each corner, providing a new depth of feel and accuracy, plus stopping the screen from flexing when the power is off.  Whether it lives up to the expectation remains to be seen, but it’s good to see BlackBerry sticking with SurePress and refining it rather than simply dumping it and going for the same as everyone else.

The Storm2 will be out on sale from the 26th October.

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