It’s Here! The HTC HD2 is Official!


Following O2′s and T-Mobile’s early poster shots, plus a variety of other leaks over the last few months, our patience with HTC was running out – just make the HD2 official!  Finally, as predicted, the follow-up to the Touch HD is here and if it’s possible, we’re even more in awe than before!

The reason for this lies squarely in the phone’s amazing feature list, so if you’re ready, we’ll run through it below for your reading pleasure:

  • It’s powered by the Qualcomm 1Ghz ‘Snapdragon’ chipset complete with 512MB ROM and 448MB RAM.
  • The operating system is Windows Mobile 6.5, but HTC have added their Sense UI too.
  • The gorgeous 480×800 screen is multi-touch enabled, measures 4.3″ and is capacitive – a first for a Windows Mobile device.
  • The 3G phone has HSDPA and HSUPA support, plus Wi-Fi and A2DP Bluetooth.
  • A MicroSD card slot will boost the storage capacity.
  • On the rear of the phone is a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and a dual-LED flash.
  • Assisted GPS onboard.

Very impressive stuff!  It doesn’t end there either, as the addition of HTC Sense means the HD2 will feature the new HTC Peep Twitter client and direct access to Facebook and YouTube.  The geo-tagging postcard app HTC Footprints, first seen on the Touch Cruise last year, will also appear along with the other communication widgets seen on the premier Sense handset, the HTC Hero.  Of course, Sense is backed by all the new Windows Mobile 6.5 features including Windows Marketplace and the My Phone back-up service.

Continuing with the spec, the HD2 features a digital compass, a 3.5mm jack plug, proximity and ambient light sensor,  the Opera Mobile browser, media player, RDS radio and the GPS-friendly NaviPanel software program.  HTC have also slipped in some great connectivity features too, with tethering via Bluetooth and USB, plus a Wi-Fi Router system, where the phone provides wireless data for your PC or other wireless gadget.

All this lovely tech does come at a price, one in British Pounds and the other in grams.  At this stage, the cost is still undetermined, but the HD2 has tipped the scales at 157 grams, a figure slightly offset by the super-slim 11mm chassis thickness.  The HTC HD2 is expected to be on sale by November throughout much of Europe.

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  1. I am sufficiently satisy with this is that HTC Sense means the HD2 will feature the new HTC Peep Twitter client and direct access to Facebook and YouTube….This revolution is very creative and also elegant.. that is reallyvery good…….

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