Red Bull Mobile Provider?

redbullmobile.jpgIn an unexpected extension of their brand Red Bull have decided that their chemicals-in-a-can expertise can be converted into coverage.  A small site shows that they’re bringing their German “Red Bull Mobile” network to the UK.
Although the ads are all in German, so far the impression is clear: the Red Bull Mobile network will be extreme to the max, yo, dawg, etcetera.  One ad features a hot blonde woman reclining by a bomber (as in “something that flies and drops explosives”) while watching people motorbike up giant ramps and leap off cliffs on her mobile.  They’ve actually been at this for over a year, teaming up with Mobikom Austria to engineer their sporty-social network on the continent, and now they feel ready to expand their area.
How this applies to a communications infrastructure is unclear.
This is the center of their website.  Not a phone or anything.  This.
Their first mobile venture started in 2008,
It’s hard to see how they’re going to capture any market share in the UK.  The idea is clear enough – their service seems to combine compact cost plans with an all-new social network focusing heavily on multimedia images of users doing extremely active things, because Red Bull drinkers tend to have phones and social networks.  But that’s the problem – they already have them.  It’s unlikely the average intended user will give up their existing phone just because a small mouthwash of taurine told them to, and the problem with setting up new social networks is everybody is still actually on the old ones. Don’t expect Red Bull to muscle Orange out of market share just yet.

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