BlackBerry Desktop Manager Comes to OS X

BlackBerry Sync

This has been a long time coming, but RIM are finally about to release an official Desktop Manager application for the Apple Mac.  BlackBerry owners have been using third party software, mass storage mode and even Google to sync their phone with their Mac up until now, but RIM have heard your cries and on October 2nd, your BlackBerry will officially love your Mac.

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager offers the following features:

  • Sync data from Mac programs including iCal and your address book.
  • Sync non-DRM iTunes music and playlists.
  •  Add and remove applications.
  • Create back-up files or restore your device in the event of a failure.
  • Install firmware updates.
  • Multiple device support.

If the recent leaked Beta version is even vaguely accurate, all this will be done in a great looking application which has a strong connection with the way iTunes syncs with an iPhone.  You’ll have to be running BlackBerry OS 4.2 or higher on your phone and your Mac will need to have OS X 10.5.5 or higher to run the software, which will be available as a free download direct from the BlackBerry website, sometime after 6pm on October 2nd.  Enjoy!

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