Fun Mobile Phone Stuff: A Round-Up of Cell Phone Quizzes

Mobile Phone Quiz

One great way to waste some time online is to read exciting news and information about mobile phones. Another great way to toil away the hours is to take online quizzes. Why not combine two things into one by taking some of these fun/silly/revealing mobile phone quizzes from around the web? There are quizzes that will tell you your mobile phone personality, quizzes for testing your mobile phone knowledge and even quizzes that can help you pick a new phone.

Mobile Phone Personality Quizzes

Cell Phone Personality Quiz. This quiz asks you ten different questions about your personality. Some of the questions relate to your phone (such as what do you do if it rings in a theatre) and others are random (like what kind of car do you drive). Then it tells you what kind of a person you are and what this means for you in terms of phones that you might like. For example, it might say that you’re a “fun phone user” who has a colorful personality and you want your mobile phone to reflect that. It even gives you current, upcoming and discontinued phone models that might be suitable to you based on your results.

What Type of Mobile Phone Are You? Based on your personality, what type of phone would you be? You answer some super-simple silly questions about things that you care about in a phone and then you find out what type of phone you are. For example, you might be a “basic” phone with some general features but nothing flashy.

What Bird Would Your Mobile Phone Personality Be? This is an odd one. You answer a series of questions about your personality and style when using your mobile phone. For example, one question asks you what you get from your mobile phone that you don’t get from your landline. After answering these questions, you get a result telling you about your mobile phone personality. However, the twist is that you also learn what kind of bird you are like. For example you might end up being a “pigeon” which is basically your plain-and-boring “garden variety” mobile phone user.

Ringtone Personality Quiz. Want to know what type of ringtones is best suited to your personality? This quiz has the answer. Actually, it will give you five answers to choose from. And it tells you a bit about your personality; for example, you might have a contemplative personality and you’d need a laidback ringtone to match it.

Quizzes for Testing your Mobile Phone Knowledge

History of Mobile Phone Quiz. Want to prove to yourself or someone else that you know all that there is to know about cell phones? Take this quiz that reveals your level of knowledge when it comes to the history of mobile phones. It’s a ten-question quiz that gives you a percentage-based score and will let you see the correct answers when you’re done. This same site also has other cell phone quizzes like an iPhone quiz that you can take.

How Stuff Works Cell Phone Quiz. Do you really understand how mobile phones work? Can you make sense of mobile towers and how mobile phones relate to radios? If so then you’ll probably get all of the answers right on this ten question quiz. You find out after each answer whether you got it right and it gives you some more info on the answer so that you can learn while you take your quiz.

Quizzes to Help You Find the Best Mobile Phone for You

Find Your 5 Best Cell Phones. This phone quiz has you answer some basic questions about what you are looking for in a phone. Then it provides you with a list of the top five phones that are right for you. Although this quiz is U.S.-centric and may be a bit outdated in terms of the results, it is a really revealing tool that can help you figure out exactly what it is that you want from a cell phone.

Cell Phone Matchmaker. This one is kind of intriguing. The site is set up to look like a dating site when you first enter. You do have to input an email address so there may be some spam coming to you after you take this quiz. However, it’s a bit of a fun one. You answer questions about your life and personality. Then you get a result that tells you which phone is right for you. Even though it gives you a single phone, it tells you why it’s the right phone which could give you some insight into how to choose a mobile phone. For example, the answer for the Nokia 6500 Slide tells you that you want this phone because you need a speakerphone “to hear over all of the annoying people around you” and you “want video because you need to be on the cutting edge of technology”. Those are concrete features you could look for in a phone even if the quiz is a bit silly.

What Cell Phone Fits You Best? This is a simple 5-question quiz that gives you a single result as to which phone is best for you. It’s not a very effective way of choosing a phone but if you’re just trying to kill some time with mobile phone quizzes then it’s something you can play with.

Miscellaneous Mobile Phone Quizzes

R U Obsessed With Ur Cell Phone? Take this silly quiz to find out just how much of a mobile phone addiction you might have. Beware that the questions are phrased like text messages so this isn’t your usual online reading. Hope you like acronyms and shorthand!

Cell Phone Etiquette Quiz. How are your mobile phone manners? Take this quiz to find out. Questions include things like “what is the reason you don’t need to raise your voice on the phone in public?” and “which month is Cell Phone Courtesy Month?” This quiz is interesting because you can see the results of other people who have taken the quiz so you know how your etiquette compares to others.

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