The Ultimate Samsung Jet (S8000) Review: A Smart Phone that’s Not a Smartphone

Samsung Jet | S8000

Samsung recently made an exciting announcement about a brand new type of mobile phone. The Samsung s8000 Jet enters the mobile phone industry during a time when everyone wants a smartphone. That is, everyone except those people who remain a little bit wary of smartphones for one reason or another. The Samsung s8000 Jet is an advanced phone with an easy-to-use interface that places it squarely in between smarthphones and simple phones on the spectrum of cell phones. This makes it an ideal choice for many consumers today. In fact, it is so ideal that over 2 million pre-orders have already been placed with the company.

Overview of the Samsung s8000 Jet

The Samsung s8000 Jet is a touchscreen phone with some added features that make it easier to use than other popular smartphones. The four most outstanding features of the phone are its user interface, its advanced display screen, its speed and its new web browser. These four features provide the core reasons that you would purchase this new phone (with the user interface being the most important of those features). However, it also has a good music player, a decent built-in camera and GPS with mapping so it does more than just its core features would suggest.

The Samsung s8000 Jet User Interface

The user interface for this phone is highly advanced. It’s called the Touchwiz 2.0 interface. It has a number of advanced features that are firsts for the mobile phone industry and which are therefore unique to this device. There are also a few features that aren’t entirely new but which have been nicely updated for use with this phone. Those features include:

3D Media Gate. Also known as the 3D Cube Launcher, this is a button at the bottom of the phone’s front screen which gives you easy access to all of the popular multimedia features of the phone. It’s a six-sided cube; each side takes you to one of six multimedia features (such as the camera or the Internet). This is a favorite feature among people who enjoy shortcuts on their phones.
Motion-based User Interface. Another way to access your favorite multimedia features, as well as to access general phone features such as speed dial, is to use the phone’s motion recognition feature. This is a really cool motion-based program that lets you access those features simply by tilting the phone around to get to where you want to go. Most people enjoy using this.
Smart Unlock. This is an advanced phone feature that isn’t as new as the others but it’s still relatively new. It’s been featured in the past on a couple of Samsung phones (like the Samsung s5600). It allows you to do two things at once with your phone simply by pressing one of the letters on the phone’s unlock screen. You unlock the phone and at the same time you access whatever feature you’re trying to reach. For example, you might press a specific button to simultaneously unlock the phone and to call a specific contact. You get to set the different features that each letter on the phone’s screen will correlate with which makes this a highly customizable feature.
Home Screens. It is notable that you can have up to four different homepage screens on the Samsung s8000 Jet. Each of these pages can be fully customized with the application widgets of your choosing. This is something that people are seeking from smartphone interfaces today.
Transition Effects. A lot of people are enjoying the transition effects that you can choose from to make it a little bit more fun to transition from one task to another one the phone. You can choose from three different basic transition effects. For example, one looks like a bit like a door swinging open and shut as you move from one task to the next. Another looks more like a page flipping over.

The interface is reported to be really simple to use. It is highly intuitive. It works well whether you’re using a stylus, your bare fingers or even have gloves on your hands.

The Display

The Samsung s8000 Jet is fun to play with since it has all of these great touch-based features. However, it’s also just fun to watch too. That’s because it’s got a really impressive display screen. It’s a 3.1 inch WGVA AMOLED touchscreen of 400 x 800 pixel resolution. This screen is reported to be four times higher in resolution than a traditional WQVGA screen. This means it has one of the most brilliant and vivid color displays that you’ve ever seen on a cell phone.

Speed of the S8000 Jet

This phone tops the charts with some of the fastest working speeds that we’ve seen on mobile phones to date. It has an 800 MHz application processor. There isn’t a lot more to say about that other than that it is fast and seamless and works like it’s supposed to work.

Samsung Jet Web Browser

This phone is fully capable of advanced web browsing using a new type of web browser developed by Samsung. It’s called the Dolfin web browser. Features of this web browser include:

- It supports Flash.
- You can open up to five web pages at one time. It moves through websites really easily.
- You can operate multiple downloads in the background of the phone at the same time.
- There is an AdBlocker. This is increasingly important as mobile web advertising and spam become more and more common.

Other Important Features of the Samsung s8000 Jet

The Samsung s8000 Jet user interface, its display screen, its fast speed and its advanced web browser are the four most important features of the phone. However, there are other things that you’ll want to know about the phone as well. Those other features include:

HSDPA Connectivity/ Wi-Fi / GPS/ Bluetooth. These are all some basic features that the average mobile phone user is going to look for when purchasing a cell phone today. All are features that are available when you choose the Samsung s8000 Jet.
Built-in Maps. Notably the GPS of the phone works well in part because the phone has been equipped with new 3D map navigation software. This software, called the Samsung Mobile Navigator, has been designed by Samsung itself. It includes an electronic compass which helps navigate you through map directions.
Internal Memory. The basic phone has 2 GB of built-in memory. Advanced versions of the phone and basic phones with added microSD slot memory can hold up to 16 GB.
Camera. This phone has a respectable 5 megapixel digital camera. This camera comes with a lot of advanced features including auto-focus, image stabilization, face detection and blink detection. It is integrated with the GPS features of the phone which can be used to do things like photo geotagging.
D1 Video Recording. The phone’s camera is also capable of advanced D1 video recording at a speed of 30 fps and a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels. A fun feature here is that it can be used to do slow-motion recording as well as standard recording.
Music Player / FM Radio. This phone comes with a fairly advanced music player. It offers track filtering, automatic and custom playlists and music visualization features. The phone is touch-optimized so that you can easily go forward and back between playlists or through individual songs. The phone also has access to FM radio. Most users agree that the player is good enough to replace your average mp3 player.

Design Of the Samsung s8000 Jet

The Samsung s8000 Jet looks a lot like many of the other touchscreen phones that we see today. In other words, it has a design that is sleek, simple and professional in appearance but one that is not particularly unique. The front of the phone is basically taken up entirely by the screen which is framed in black glass that extends across the back of the phone. The front glass of the phone is matte-based and designed for low fingerprint problems. A nice perk of this phone is that it’s smaller and lighter than a lot of smartphones. It measures in at 108.8 X 53.5 X 11.9 mm.

The only things that you’ll see on the front of the phone other than the screen are three small buttons at the bottom and a small light sensor and video-call camera on the top. The buttons at the bottom are your traditional “call” and “end call” buttons as well as the 6 sided 3D shortcut cube mentioned above. On the sides and back of the device, you’ll find the usual things including volume buttons, an audio jack and a microUSB port for charging the phone by computer. All of these accessories are small and maintain the streamlined appearance of the Samsung s8000 Jet.

Most people who are buying a mobile phone today want to know about the design of the phone’s keyboard. You get your choice with the Samsung s8000 Jet since it has three options to choose from. There is the traditional alphanumeric keyboard that you find on simple mobile phones to this day. There is an on-screen QWERTY keyboard for those people are enjoying this feature of advanced touchscreen phones. And there is even the option of using a stylus and the phone’s handwriting recognition program to simply write on the phone.

The niggly bits of the Samsung s8000 Jet

There is always something to complain about with your mobile phone. Some of the drawbacks or complaints that phone reviewers have mentioned about this phone so far include:

The phone may not be as unique as it seems at first glance. A lot of the user interface features are strikingly similar to those found on the phones in the LG S-Class series of mobile phones. It is particularly similar to the LG Arena.
The screen may be difficult to see in direct sunlight. The screen is a great screen on this phone but it’s not ideal for use outside in direct sunlight.
The vibration feedback may be too strong. There are some complaints that the vibration feedback on the phone is so strong that it could be considered “violent“. Notably this is a setting which can be adjusted.

Summary of the Samsung s8000 Jet

All-in-all the Samsung s8000 Jet is a new type of mobile phone that consumers are really excited about. It’s not quite a smartphone but it has most of the advanced features of a smartphone. It is fast, easy to use and has several multi-media features that make it a fun phone to use. Although some people say that it’s not quite as unique or wonderful as all of the pre-order hype suggests, most people who have tried the phone really like it.

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  1. Sounds like a good basic phone to capture video and also watch video content. Does the Jet have a TV or Video Out capability? If so, is the cable included with the unit or available online?

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