Samsung Armani Night Effect Goes on Sale from Tomorrow

samsung armani night effect

Once again a mobile phone company and fashion house have paired up to create a buzz in the mobile phone industry.  The new Samsung Armani M7500, also called the Night Effect for its unigue lighting features, is poised and ready to go on sale throughout the UK tomorrow. The Samsung Armani M7500 is drastically different to its older brother the P520 in that it returns to the more conservative candybar as opposed to the touchscreen format of the earlier version.

The Armani Night Effect is expected, by it’s manufacturers, to be a great succes and Samsung have supported this by creating a microsite dedicated to the Armani M7500. The sleek microsite gives consumers great demonstrations of the Armani style that is incorporated into the phone as well as the unique Night Effect which allows users to create profiles from the coloured lights on the sides and top of the phone.

The Samsung Armani Night Effect is by no means the top of the range handsets with all the fanciest features that are gracing more and more phone models nowadays. Instead it focuses of the beauty of simple design that is a pleasure to use and befitting of the fashion brand adroning the casing.

Samsung Armani Night Effect Features: 

In case you missed our first article on the Armani M5700, it features:

2.2″ QVGA screen
3 Megapixel Camera
Music Hot keys
3G Equipped
Bluetooth Connectivity
Media player with Video Recorder
FM Radio
3.5mm Audio Jack

The Night Effect is also going to feature Emporio Armani branded backgrounds and menus, as well as a music recognition service powered by Shazam and will be sold exclusively by Vodafone and the Phones 4 U group (which includes DialaPhone by the way).

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