The Ultimate BlackBerry Curve 8900 Review. Aka Blackberry Javelin

BlackBerry Curve 8900

2008 was an exciting year for BlackBerry with the release of new phones that incorporated advanced multimedia features and unique designs (including touch screen and flip phone designs). However, that doesn’t mean that things aren’t continuing to look up for BlackBerry users in 2009. The upcoming release of the Blackberry Curve 8900, also known as the Blackberry Javelin, has many fans of the BlackBerry mobile phone sitting on the edge of their seats with anticipation.

This isn’t because the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a strikingly interesting new phone but rather because it seamlessly brings together many of the features that make other BlackBerry phones so great and combines these features quietly in to one really terrific phone. Whether you’re seeking the professional functionality of the traditional BlackBerry’s organisational and Internet capabilities or the advanced multimedia functions we’re starting to see on newer BlackBerry phones, you’ll find that all expectations are likely to be met with the BlackBerry Javelin.

Overview of Blackberry Curve 8900 : aka Javelin

The BlackBerry Javelin is a great new phone that continues the tradition of BlackBerry smartphone functionality and adds a few new features that 2009 users will appreciate. In terms of function, the most outstanding feature of the BlackBerry Javelin is the advanced Wi-Fi capability and Internet browsing functions of this new phone. In terms of more fun features, the most notable thing about the BlackBerry Javelin is that this phone includes camera phone features that are the most advanced among the BlackBerry phones to date. What is notable is not that there are a lot of flashy new features with the BlackBerry Javelin but rather that the quality of features seen on other BlackBerry phones is really heightened and made more efficient with the BlackBerry Javelin.

Blackberry 8900 as Part of the Blackberry Series

The BlackBerry Javelin does not stand out extensively from the other phones in the BlackBerry series. Instead, it solidly reflects the major things that BlackBerry users have come to expect from their smartphones but has brought them up to date to meet the demands of the modern market. This means that the BlackBerry Javelin has the professional and social phone features that users today are seeking from their BlackBerry phone.
The BlackBerry Javelin is a classic BlackBerry phone in many ways from the efficient use of productivity features to the classic design of the mobile device. It’s a great phone for people who are already committed to the BlackBerry brand and who simply want to move up to enjoying the most modern of the phones being released from the company. People new to the BlackBerry brand will find that everything they’ve been hearing is great about a BlackBerry is easy to learn to use on this particular phone.

The BlackBerry Javelin is an upgrade to the BlackBerry Curve 8300 which was released in 2007. The BlackBerry Curve series is a limited series which has been somewhat overshadowed by the BlackBerry Pearl series. The BlackBerry Curve series, like the BlackBerry Pearl series, has been intended to bring more user-friendly, consumer-oriented features to the BlackBerry lineup and to help make the smartphone a phone that is great for all types of people (as opposed to just professional users). The BlackBerry Javelin really succeeds in meeting this original goal of the BlackBerry Curve Lineup.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Details

Business Features of Blackberry Curve 8900

The Blackberry Javelin offers all of the major business, organizational and productivity features that a standard BlackBerry user would expect from the phone. These features include:

  • Email. The BlackBerry Javelin meets all expectations that the professional BlackBerry user has of the advanced email capabilities for which the BlackBerry has always been known. People familiar with BlackBerry phones already know how easy it is to access both personal and professional email on a BlackBerry phone and they will find that they have no trouble switching from any previous BlackBerry model to the BlackBerry Javelin in terms of the email functions of the phone.
  • Advanced Internet Browing. The mobile web is practically a requirement for BlackBerry users and the BlackBerry Javelin meets the user’s needs in this area. This phone has full HTML browing, RSS feed support for keeping up on the latest news and blogs and mobile streaming for viewing of videos and other Internet material. The Wi-Fi on this phone is good which means that you can connect almost anywhere these days!
  • Advanced operating system. The BlackBerry Javelin has the BlackBerry 4.6 OS which is the most advanced BlackBerry OS to date. This is considered to be an up-to-date and efficient operating system.
  • Organizer. The BlackBerry smartphone has always been known as a phone that was terrific for business and personal organization. The standard organizational features and programs that people are used to with a BlackBerry are available with the BlackBerry Javelin. A built-in organizer and calendar make it easy for you to input your information, sync with other organizational programs and stay on top of your appointments.

Multimedia Features of Blackberry Curve 8900

The BlackBerry Javelin includes many of the multimedia features that smartphone users are coming to appreciate on their more advanced phones. These features include:

  • Advanced BlackBerry camera. The BlackBerry Javelin has a 3.2 megapixel camera built in to the device. This is by no means an advanced camera phone in comparison to other camera phones on the market. However, it is the most advanced camera phone on a BlackBerry phone to date which is something highly appreciated by those smartphone users who are trying to streamline the number of devices that they have down to just one great device. The BlackBerry Javelin has flash and auto-focus features and holds its own as a decent camera phone.
  • Music playing features. The BlackBerry Javelin is a basic music player that is capable of supporting various music files including mp3 files and WMA files. People who don’t want to have to carry around an additional device to listen to music are going to find that they can get rid of their mp3 player and just use the BlackBerry Javelin as a music playing device.
  • Video playing features. The BlackBerry Javelin is a phone that can be easily used to watch videos in various formats from both Internet sources and saved sources. The phone has a 480×360 resolution screen that’s nearly 2.5 inches in size which makes for great easy viewing of videos. The colors are crisp and the screen is clear so people with high standards for viewing mobile video should find that they don’t have complaints about the BlackBerry Javelin in this area.

Other Important Features of Blackberry 8900

A few of the other key features and notable facts about the BlackBerry Javelin include:

  • Wi-Fi and GPS. It is notable that the BlackBerry Javelin offers both Wi-Fi and GPS features. The reason for this is because other BlackBerry phones have not been nearly as successful in offering both of these features (they usually offer just one and not the other) so it is great to see a BlackBerry phone being released that can meet the needs of modern-day users in both of these areas. The phone has internal GPS with the standard BlackBerry maps feature that existing BlackBerry users with GPS are already highly familiar with using.
  • Bluetooth. BlackBerry users are accustomed to having Bluetooth functionality with their phones and they will discover that they can continue to do so when using the BlackBerry Javelin.
  • Memory. The phone has 256 MB of on-board memory and a memory card slot so users can add more memory as needed. People making use of the advanced multimedia features of the phone, particularly those people who are using the phone as an mp3 player, will want to take advantage of the opportunity to add additional memory to the phone.

Design Of the Blackberry Curve 8900

The BlackBerry Javelin is being advertised as the “thinnest and lightest full-QWERTY” BlackBerry. People who are interested in easy-to-carry phones that don’t feel obtrusive in their pockets are going to find that this is a great phone to carry around with them. Despite its light weight, this phone does have a fairly large screen and a full QWERTY keyboard which is highly appreciated by the BlackBerry user who wants to do a lot of different things on the phone with ease.

The general design of the BlackBerry Javelin is considered to be a “classic” BlackBerry design. The navigation keys on the device are flush with the phone’s lens which makes the phone feel streamlined. The glass cover and glossy color offer that professional appearance that people expect from a more traditional BlackBerry phone. This is a phone that has traditional appeal and is right for all different styles of users while being nothing but modern in terms of its sleek style.

The Downside of the Blackberry Curve 8900

One of the major complaints that people who may be interested in this phone are going to have about it is that it does not have 3G capabilities. Since other recent BlackBerry phones (namely the BlackBerry Bold) do have 3G, it is difficult for users to comprehend why the BlackBerry Javelin does not incorporate this modern day mobile feature. This is the one area in which the BlackBerry Javelin seems to be lacking but this drawback may be outweighed by the superior quality of the other functions and features of the phone.

Summary of Blackberry Curve 8900

When you take a look at the BlackBerry Javelin, you may say that it doesn’t really stand out from the other BlackBerry phones in any significant way. What you may not realize at first glance is that this is a good thing. The BlackBerry phone design is a solid design with features that are beneficial to all different types of phone users. The BlackBerry Javelin solidly offers all of those features in a phone that has a great design and strong functionality. Being able to offer both GPS and Wi-Fi along with multimedia and camera phone features means that the BlackBerry Javelin gives you everything you would expect from a smartphone in the most up-to-date manner possible. The 2009 phone user wants to be able to easily jump from emailing professional documents to watching high quality video to snapping photos of the silly thing that happened in front of them and the BlackBerry Javelin allows all of these things to take place easily through the use of the one simple device.

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