Samsung Launch BizBee Phone Range


Samsung have taken a leaf out of RIM’s book by launching its own sub brand of messaging smartphones under the BizBee brand. While this has worked well for RIM with it’s popular Blackberry sub, I sense consumers will still be headding for the Samsung name before the newly born “BizBee”.

The Samsung BizBee range is designed to offer business connectivity and functionality wherever users happens to find themselves. Apart from allowing you to take phone calls, you can surf the web, read emails and work with documents on handsets in this range.

The first phone that Samsung have launched under the BizBee name is the Samsung BizBee i780, which is eerily similar to the Samsung i780 launched last year. It has been somewhat revamped though as it now comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

Like its predecessor, it still comes with a 320 x 320 pixel 2.6″ touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, HSDPA and GPS support.

Samsung plan to start its BizBee campaign before the new year, so if you’re in charge of IT procurement in your company, keep an eye out for these handsets.

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