Nokia N97 Announced – Full details and release date for Nokia N97

Nokia N97

We heard about it at the end of last week, but we had no idea just how exciting Nokia’s announcment would be! Christmas has come early this year as Nokia has revealed their brand new N-series handset, the N97 – and we couldn’t have wished for anything better! Take a look at the headline features:

Key Features of the new Nokia N97

  • Touch display (3.5″ of it) which slides and tilts to reveal a full QWERTY kepboard plus d-pad for easy navigation.
  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • Carl Zeiss integrated optics coupled with a dual LED flash
  • A massive 32GB of internal memory with MicrSD support for further memory expansion
  • Integrated Assisted GPS
  • WiFi and HSDPA
  • DVD quality video capture and 16:9 display

The N97 is a cutting edge smartphone that includes support for their OVI service as well as the Nokia Music Store. Nokia have called the N97 “the most advanced mobile computer” and have done well to keep ahead of current mobile phone usability trends. With more and more people using their phones to browse the net, to access email accounts and share photos online we expect that the likes of the N97 will become the most demanded everyday phone. GPS has also become a standard on handsets and more and more people are expecting their phones to have integrated GPS. App developers are also aware of this and the number of cool GPS reliant applications is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Nokia have divulged that the expected release date for the N97 is in the first half of 2009 and is expected to hold a pre-tax price tag of 550 Euros. So if you are wanting to get this handset soon after public release expect to take out a higher tariff package if you want it for free.

 NOTE from Editor: We have seen and heard speculations that the Nokia N97 would be released around March 31st but we have had confirmation from Nokia that the N97 will not go on sale until June 2009.

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180 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Announced – Full details and release date for Nokia N97

  1. the nokia n97 mobile phone is very nice model n deign. when this mobile coming nepali market then other mobiles market is gon down its a really… when this model coming malaysia market…?

  2. Really not impressed iwth Nokias right now. THe 5800 developed problems after only 3 weeks – constantly switching itself off and refusing to turn back on.

    Upgrading to the N97, i expected a quality phone. Sadly, just 6 months down the line the text facility has packed in and it repeatedly switches itself off losing all saved data/contacts etc.

    Going back to Sony Ericsson – their operating system is the most intuitive of any manufacturer and I’ve never had a reliability problem with any of their phones

    Sorry Nokia – you really need to step your game up

  3. I’ve just ordered my phone today in the UK here (on vodafone) and its coming to me on the 27th June 2009. Hope that helps others… go go upgrade to the best phone you’ll see this year :)

  4. The Nokia N97 is due to be released this month, im sure it will be a very popular phone. Its definetley killed the iPhone, but Apple have said that they will release the iPhone 4G next year with an 8Mp camera and 46GB internal memory plus alot more new features and upgraded GPS etc.

  5. 3 of us as had this phone in the uk now for 3 weeks on special tests. We take it in turns to do the following for 4 hrs at a time, making calls,internet,camera,keys,falling out of shirt pocket to floor, to make sure that nothing freezes/locks or fails, We have to log the faults direct to nokia to do small software repairs/updates. all is going very well with the phone and we have not had anything major trouble with the phone.

    Nokia said on the 3/6/09 that it will be available from all stores 1st week in July.

    All the phone that i have tested in the last 4 years this has been the best by far. And yes puts the iphone to shame. This will take some beating….

    Hope you have all the fun with the phone in July and sorry to you all that have been waiting for the phone but we have to make sure that the phone does what it says on the box.

    Thanks m in Leeds

  6. yesss we’re still waiting nokia.. i should be gettin a new phone right now but im waiting for this to come out in O2. when is the exact date in june 09?

  7. the price of the phone is £499.99 as i have seen…… but my question is when is the realese date hahhaha i get it on pay monthly

  8. Hey guys i love this phone so far all the new features make me really excited to see it when it is released in Canada. i was wondering if you had any idea what telephone provider companies (e.g. Telus, Fido, Bell Mobility, Rogers… etc.) would provide service to the Nokia N97 in Canada. I would appreciate any info. thanks

  9. This phone will be a Great phone who ever seen …
    or Better than a iphone 3g or the oming Iphone 4g
    this phone has lot of features and good quality of camera

  10. Nokia should have used capacitive touchscreen like the iPhone instead of resistive touchscreen to be more accurate in touch capability…..Processor is only at around 400Mhz (ARM 11) which is nothing compare to Samsung Omnia HD’s 800Mhz processor.

    If Nokia can integrate these 2 important features, I’ll buy it even for $1000!!!

  11. ” N97′s camera is a disappointment ” by hhf.

    The mobile isn’t a digital camera, if u want a perfect quality picks, buy a camera not a phone

    And nokia N97 is better than N95-1 in EVERY thing ..
    Don’t search at camera perfect quality when the phone given u everything except 10 MP camera :P ( for ex. )

    i hope nokia release the mobile in Jun :)

  12. Nice phone, but I guess I won’t be buying this one yet. I’ve had an N95-1 since autumn 2007, and I will buy a new phone when there is a model which clearly beats N95-1 in every aspect. N97′s camera is a disappointment. Having the same amount of megapixels as N95, I hope it will at least produce better pictures within those limits, because N95′s picture quality isn’t perfect. I’ll probably buy something like N99 when it comes…

  13. i LOVE this phone and i am getting one as soon as it comes out (in July) and i was wondering, what is that little slanted silver button thing to the left of the arrow thing underneath the screen?

    thanks for all of your help

  14. It looks like an excellent device and would be perfect to replace the Nokia N810 _if_ it ran Linux like the n810. Sadly, Nokia opted for Symbian once more so I won’t buy it.

  15. Congratulations Nokia on once again failing to take advantage of the hype over the N97 and not actually bringing the product to market…!! Who do they have running the asylum when a phone this desirable can’t even be shipped or a set release date be given? The other big players are going to over-shadow the final release as they will have already released/set a date for the next gen phones before Nokia pull their finger out of their A**.

  16. Looks like an awesome phone and I am a big fan of Nokia. Why dont they produce a phone that works with MAC? They really miss the boat and a huge number of customers.

  17. Hello to everyone that is waiting for this phone. Sadly I have just been into most of the high street shops to enquire when they are getting it in as I am due for an upgrade and they all inform me that the nokia N97 has had some software issues and they have put back the date to feb 2010!
    To settle this I went to the people that would know, The Nokia shop and low and behold they could not even tell me and try shoving me onto E75 that is coming soon.
    So if the UK release date is June 09 then Nokia have performed a miracle, but if not then you know why.

  18. Why is everyone going on about needing more than 5MP camera. How often do you print or blow up pictures bigger than A4 as this optimal size for 5MP I presonnall don’t view pictures bigger than that so don’t need more.
    Also the more mega pix doesn’t mean a better photo, thats only for the people out there that like to be sold things by marketing.
    The lens it’s self is the main thing and the actual chip for taking the pictures is important to the extent the more MP could mean a worse picture…
    my phone N98 8GIG only a 5MP picture and I know it takes better pictures than some of friends 8-10MP cameras they have he he he I love it….

  19. Why do so many people bend over for Apple, you do not own shares in Apple and they will not be giving you kick backs for sucking their testicles.

    The iPhone is about to get an updated firmware which will enable simple things like ‘Copy/Paste’, which my N91 had over 3 years ago, yet Apple neglected to add such things. And their strategy to bring out hardware revisions 6 months after initial launch is just a money grabbing tool, and it is TOOLS like you Apple fan boys/girls that line up to get your wallets raped.

    Nokia may no longer be the greatest Mobile manufacturers, they have slipped when it comes to innovation, but their handsets are still superior. Yes, they lack certain things, but the number of handsets being sold goes to show that people trust Nokia and know that Nokia, although a large company are not there to launch Generation 2, Gen 3, Gen 4 or 5 of the same product and lure you into spending money you do not need to spend, which Apple do so well.

    Judge the damn N97 when it is released and you have had your own hands on it, you morons.

  20. It will be more gratifying for the N97 to be fitted with at least a 7MP camera before release. This among other things will make it to be in a real class of its own. We”ve had 5Mp around for some time now. Why should such a beauty come with an old fashioned 5MP camera? Rival phone companies are already toying with the idera of a 10MP camera. Don’t think Nokia should always play catch-up with other companies, should they? ……..I mean they insisted on staying monoblock when others ventured into fold phones,likewise,they were slow in coming up with a touch screen phone…….so it will be nice for them to stay ahead in the MP race……..towards 20MP by 2015

  21. I’m abit dissapointed in Nokia.
    This is just like the N96 another N95 on the market.
    Almost nothing is new, exept for the touchscreen that every selfrespecting phone has.
    I was Nokia all the way with my N95, it ruled in it’s time!
    But now I think I’ll go for my first Samsung the omnia HD.
    This one has new features and is better then my N95.
    I see no reason why I should change my N95 into a N97…


  22. cant wait for this phone i have the 95 i got it when it came out i was gonna get the 96 but it isnt much different so i decided to wait for the 97…. i mean this phone is the next generation of phones you will see apple is gonna try and copy everything thats gonna be on this phone and prob call it iphone 2 or Nokia N97 LOL …. but cant wait i love the 95 u can do so much with this phone and its real fast but i do agree with someone who said about the speed here wish we did have 3.5g but also when we gonna get the like live video call ….. damn we’re so far behind when it comes to this………
    Lets go Nokia put it out now not in june thats to long to wait for it :)
    when someone buys a Iphone thy bought it because of others what they told them so its like somoene going to buy a car and getting a lexus or something and when someone buys a nokia and especially the Nseries well thats like someone who goes and buys a car BMW M5 or a Audi RS6 :) AGREE ?

  23. Had a good laugh reading some of these comments.

    “this isn’t good phone,htc phones are much better,and apple phone is better then nokia n97″

    You can’t even take a decent picture of Granny with an iphone. Basically it’s a glorified ipod with a naff phone and nothing more. Er…..and how much memory? lol

    This guy seems to be able to make a comparison with a phone that’s not even been released………perhaps it’s just because he holds shares in Apple.

    Apple don’t touch Nokia and never will…….leave mobile technology to the experts and just buy the latest iPod.

  24. I think Nokia N97 is a fantastic phone, however it is too expensive considering that you could buy a computer for that price.I cant stand that every body seems to compare every up-caming phone with the iphone wich is realy a past tense now.Lets move on.

  25. you guys really need to stop hating on the camera, the phone itselve would be tasking on battery withought a huge wastefull camera, fact is they have worked on the camera by focusin on the image convertor, (basically adding an amp to it) instea, are you a top mobile phone manufacture? (the answer will be NO) unless your nokia .so just ait till you get the phone before you start complaining…besides after it got to about 5 mgpx there stopped being a distinguishable deference. apreaciate the 32 gb! N97!!

  26. The quality of the lens is many many times more important than the number of pixels. Focus, light sensitivity, flash quality are other important considerations – well before the MP number comes into play. Besides, where will you store all the 10MB pictures? (well, that may be the answer to the person who asked why big internal memory ;-P ).

    Given that Nokia has been scaling down its business phones (e-series), N97 should have full office suite and then some! I was never a N-series consumer, but after seeing latest E-series have only QVGA (!!) displays, I’m considering switching camps.

    Nokia, if you read this – either release the proper successor to 9300, or equip the N97 with business apps as well!
    That will give it some competitive edge at least.

  27. It looks good but what wil be the price? There are small laptops that can carried easily, if its price is higher what is the benefit.
    IPhone has less features but I think screen response is great. Nokia N97 and HTC Pro 2 almost same. What does N97 give new? HTC Pro 2 is also a pocket PC phone.
    Appropriate price is important for me.

  28. How come everybody is so negative about the 5MP camera?? The quality of the lens is far more important than the number of MP’s.. I’m really, really sure that the 5MP Carl Zeiss Teslar lens is far better than the 8MP samsung camera’s!

  29. A long time ago in a galaxy far far way… I was once a die hard mac geek. Everything apple was cool to me including iphone!
    Although I have become very anti establishment regarding the Apple/iphone and it’s nokia all the way! After owning N95/96 Can’t wait for the super cool N97 ;-)

    iPhone SUCK’S ASS!!!!

  30. nice phone but usually when nokia releases its new phone, it usually has few bugs. hope this one won’t have any. the price also is too high, I would rather buy a mini laptop, which is more convenient and cost efficient.

  31. Make it wider interms of Screen and let it have microsoft office with wordprocessor, excel and access. This will make it a handy professional businessman gadget. Nokia is my household gadget. Continue to be the leader in innovation.

  32. So is this the progress we´ve been waiting for so long?? I am quite disappointed others are coming out with 8MP cameras and Nokia is still stuck with 5MP? That is quite an embarrassement… Talking about it for so long, letting us wait for so long for something new, and now this? Others are releasing better stuff for some time already. They should be ashamed I definitelly expected something better than this.

  33. Everything i heard related to this stuff is almost amazing, yet it just has a 5 mega…
    Can nokia upgrade to 8 or 10 mega instead? :-(
    Also may Nokia add some optical zoom….

  34. really good looking phone!! i think this is gonna kick the iphone into touch
    does anyone know when it will be released in spain, and how much it will be?

  35. i think it will yet take a year o more to let it release in India so it will be approx next year cuz its releasing yet in a months time here in spain… long time to wait

  36. I cant wait for the release ive got both its predecesors (N95 and N96) But i also gotta say why cant it be abit cheaper. Also cant they specify the release date as i am eager to get my hands on it.

  37. I’ve always accepted Nokia.
    But the question is,”Is this Nokia Cellphone capable with windows operating system, I mean can we install windows vista for mobile on it,?”

  38. I agree with Matt. It’s quite a bit expensive than any other phones that our coming out. I like the phone so much and can’t wait for it to come out, but, the price is just crazy. Can you at least lower the price and yeah when does it come out in US?

  39. Nokia N97 is quite good and beautiful phone.
    When it will release in Singapore ??
    But it have other colour or only white.
    Because I like black colour.
    Nokia N97 must be fixed from 5 MP camera to 7 or 8 MP camera because the memory will have a lot of free spaces. If u change 7 or 8 camera we all will be more interest.

  40. What I don’t understand about Nokia is their pricing – even the the N96 is more expensive than the iPhone It just doesn’t make sense…even though I dislike the iPhone, it’s far better value.

  41. they need to release it sooner! i want it sooooo bad! i need to upgrade my phone this month and i’m going to have to buy the sony ericsson c905 instead cos i need a decent upgrade and cant wait untill june boooo :(

  42. I am so thrilled by the news of N97. This is what I am looking for.
    Service provider for 3.5G is ready in Cambodia, but so far, phones
    kind of lack many things m lookin for. Cannot wait
    for this one, the mighty N97.

  43. this is certainly the diamond of the lot!! i am a huge nokia fan!!! the phones has never let me down at all! i was thinking about buying the iphone 3g, but then the nokia 5800 music express cought my eye!! and the there was the n97!! my mind was made up!!! but now i have to wait for so long for it to go onsale!! mabe i will just buy the nokia 5800 untill i can get the n97!!! whooo hooo i am so excited!

  44. It will be more gratifying for the N97 to be fitted with at least a 7MP camera before release. This among other things will make it to be in a real class of its own. We”ve had 5Mp around for some time now. Why should such a beauty come with an old fashioned 5MP camera? Rival phone companies are already toying with the idera of a 10MP camera. Don’t think Nokia should always play catch-up with other companies, should they? ……..I mean they insisted on staying monoblock when others ventured into fold phones,likewise,they were slow in coming up with a touch screen phone…….so it will be nice for them to stay ahead in the MP race……..towards 20MP by 2015.

  45. its beautiful but it would be much better if nokia made it like you have your own mini laptop with you like for example blackberry, all the features that this phone have is just the same with the phones that they innovated before.

    I LOVE IT …

  47. E90 had all the same features two years ago
    Apple iPhone had the Touch UI two years ago
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic had the S60 5th edition
    Nokia N97 doesn’t run on Windows Mobile
    Who needs a huge internal memory?
    Is this innovation, Nokia?

  48. PLEASE hurry up my contract is up for renewal in the next month I want my hands on this!at least tell us when its out and expected price plans/handset price……..and what networks it will be available on. I am getting rid of my Ipod touch and Tom Tom for this!

  49. I have read the specs and it is excellent.
    I previously had Nokia N95 and currently use E71 but with the N97 the world will change for the bettwr.

    Excellent phone
    Cant Wait

  50. i can’t eat , can’t sleep, all i can think about is the n97 – my only comfort is the a n95-8gb which is by my side. when oh when will i get my hands on it…when?
    this is definately the iphone killer – great job nokia, great job!

  51. The best phone would be the Nokia N810 since it is using a linux system (so how trustworthy do you want it), is has a high res screen, high res pictures, full qwerty, touch screen, mail, music, video, everything one could need for a phone.

    But a nasty bug ruins it all………… you are not able to use it as a mobile phone, because you simply can not call anybody (it has no slot for a sim card and thus does not work on your local provider).

    Nokia – telephone company – should make stuff that actually primarily work as a phone, specially when you develop such a rocking device.

    Oke you get the point.

    Still this Noka 97 is briljant as well, but has no linux system running.


  52. Yay!! I was waiting for NOKIA’s next BIG phone and I knew it wasnt the N96 (lol) or the 5800!! THIS!! is NOKIA’s bad boy!! Its worth the wait to upgrade from the good ol’ N95…since June 08′!!
    They seriously better not make me wait a whole YEAR to upgrade to this phone. Apple are rubbsih!!! NOKIA basically invented the mobile phone…….BRING IT ON HOME NOKIA!!!

  53. hey why the hell u guyz r so worried abt this model trust me its not that good as u think ne way i bought it last week and its complicated so dun waiste ur time and ur money brov. n babes

    • Great reeivw. I currently use a blackberry but have fallen out of love with it recently. Have always been much happier with Nokias! Would love to be entered into giveaway. Thanks x

    • Connect to the Internet, open the Application Manager and sraech for FM Radio Player . It MIGHT be in the Extras-Development or Extras-Testing repositories, but don’t worry. It works fine.

  54. Nokia N97 is well equipped with all the functionalites that iphone won’t support. it has a great look and it’s going to boom the market definetly with customer edge features.Let wait and see how it shades a colors in market.

  55. Does this phone fulfill all desire which is not fulfilled by Nokia N85 or Nokia E71. I means user friendly full Qwerty keyboard with good text and massaging services and camera phone with
    good multimedia features.

    I hope Nokia N97 do well.

    Robin Maxwell

  56. this is clearly the most advanced mobile handset thats ever been announced. 48Gb is amazing. If wot want more, simple, buy more 16gb cards!! 5mpx is more than sufficent. Unless, of course you want to print A3, poster size pictures. Lets be honest, how many images do we actually print in the first place. Lets stop the moaning & start saving!!

  57. Was reccomended to me by a friend so decided to check up on the phone!!
    The looks is trendy, stylish, and its definately for me!!!
    Im definately getting it!!

    Oh by the way im asking the same question as everyone else. When does it come out??

  58. why do nokia keep doing this ? If youve got a new product then make sure that you can supply and provide support before advertising it. Ive had nokias for years and everytime its the same- software probs , network approval etc. Sort it by the end of march or i go for the iphone

    • this have the feenilg of touching buttons across the screen, in an individual way. The crapberry only have one big button (the screen) and feel the same wherever you click it. It is a big difference to me.

  59. It is really a fabulous phone, i thought i will switch my N96 with Xperia/omnia, but when i found out the features of N97, i stopped and been daydreaming about it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ITS RELEASE DATE IN INDIA. IAM DYING TO GET MY HANDS ON IT.

  60. Hey guys i love this phone so far all the new features make me really excited to see it when it is released in Canada. There are just 2 things i’d like to know first one is i have a mac and i was wondering whether i can download or use this phone with my computer or whether one would be completely separate from the other in terms of music ring tones pictures etc. second i was wondering if u guys had any idea what telephone provider companies (i.e. Telus, Fido, Bell Bobility… etc.) would provide service to the Nokia N97 in Canada. I would highly appreciate any info. thanks again and keep up the good updates!

  61. OK, so it will be about $800 USD before contract, and of course there really isn’t a “good” carrier in the US that can handle 3.5G let alone 3G even though the iPhone group insist it’s A-OK! Then we wait not only for who will sell it here in the US but WHEN! Yes, the “first half of 2009″ is January through June…ugh! I am not a real patient person; so, I may have to jet to Europe, or maybe even Finland to get one!

  62. Hi, When would be n97 be released in UK. would it come free or with contract and any idea of price tag. I should wait to upgrade my n95 to n97…counting time…………………

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