Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week – 14th November

With just over 30 shopping days left until Christmas, things are starting to slow down everywhere as people prepare for their break. This hasn’t stopped an interesting Nokia document surfacing along with their rumoured E63 mobile phone however, plus Sony Ericsson show off a 12 megapixel sensor and a there’s a little ray of hope for Windows Mobile browser fans.

1. Nokia Release Schedule for Coming Year.

A roadmap detailing several forthcoming mobile phone releases from Nokia has surfaced on the Internet, with all of them being smartphones. Although there are no pictures, the list does whet our appetite with plenty of spec detail, including a handset codenamed Corolla which will send Nokia over the top into the 8 megapixel cameraphone war. Study the full list over at GSMarena.

2. Nokia E63 Officially Announced.

The E63 is a more competitively priced version of the E71 mobile email handset which was spotted back in October, but officially announced this week. The phone has a plastic casing and has lost HSDPA support, but has gained the cool Navi-Wheel seen on the Nokia N85.

3. Samsung i7110 to be Released?

We’ve previewed this mobile previously and have heard little since, however some further details have popped up including a suggested European release date of the beginning of December. Much like other Samsung high-end handsets, it has gained its own name too, becoming known as the i7110 Pilot.

4. Mobile Operator 3 Talks Super-Fast HSDPA.

Speeds over a 3G network are respectable enough at the moment, however UK mobile operator 3 has promised to deliver speeds of 14.4mbps over its HSDPA and HSUPA networks to London and other major UK cities by the end of 2010.

5. Google Quickly Fixes G1 Bug.

Teething problems are common on most new operating systems, but this may be one of the most amusing we’ve heard. Until Google fixed the problem with an over-air update, typing the word ‘reboot’ into a newly switched-on G1 caused it to do exactly that. Subsequently, owners all over the world typed in phrases such as ‘make me rich’ as if it was some modern genie-in-a-lamp, however no reports of success have been forthcoming.

6. Sony Reveal 12 Megapixel Sensor.

There’s nothing like boasting about the size of your CMOS sensor and Sony’s announcement of their new 12 megapixel item will have big number lovers quivering with excitement. March is being touted as the date we’ll see it in action, so now we just have to wait until we catch a glimpse of the lucky mobile which will be the first to feature it.


7. Windows Mobile Gets IE6 Preview.

Even though everyone with a Windows Mobile device should be using Opera Mini these days, Microsoft have not given up the fight and have let the world have a go on their IE6 for Windows Mobile emulator. It’s been a long time coming and at this point it’s looking more than capable too.

8. Windows Mobile 6.5 Previewed?

With IE6 also popping up, could this be a fortuitous piece of timing, or another photoshop from the wilder end of the Internet? WinMo 6.5 is supposedly the final revision before WinMo 7 makes its debut and these screens give us a taste of what to expect – supposedly. They look great of course, but is such a drastic makeover logical for a simple version change when its replacement may be round the corner?


9. New Nokia Concept Phone.

You can always rely on YankoDesign to provide a cool looking concept phone and this is their latest. The idea behind this Nokia is to create an ergonomically sound handset which sits perfectly in one’s hand, with all the weight neatly distributed so it remains neutral rather than top or bottom heavy.


10. Camera Feature Used More than SMS!

According to a Brand Republic survey, more people use the camera feature on their mobile phones than SMS text messages. The survey took place in several European countries and revealed that 75% of users named the camera as the feature they use most, while 68% said sending text messages was their number one. It shows just how important the megapixel war is to mobile manufacturers.

There goes another week on mobile news, so join us again next week as we continue the run down to Christmas.

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