Nokia’s E63 Business Phone Finally Official.


Spotted in a Nokia promotional video and then through a series of spy shots at the tail end of October, the E63 has finally been officially unveiled this week. A relation of the fantastic E71 email-focused business phone, the E63 is slightly pared down in comparison, but don’t dismiss this as phone to gloss over just yet.

Key Features of the Nokia E63:

  • It’s a quad-band 3G handset with GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, A2DP Bluetooth and even Infrared as connectivity options.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard and E71-beating Navi-Wheel navigational device, just like that found on the new N85.
  • A 2 megapixel camera with flash and video.
  • MicroSD card slot with a capacity of 8GB maximum, plus 110MB of internal memory.

The E63 should operate in exactly the same way as the E71 as it runs Symbian 9.2 S60 version 3.2 software too, however the new touch sensitive Navi-Wheel which encircles the traditional d-pad should make it even easier to flip between menus and screens.

This is the only feature on the E63 which cannot be found on the E71, which given its inevitably cheaper price tag is one thing more than we would usually expect. The E63 has a plastic casing rather than the E71′s all metal shell and weight drops by just a gram or two to 126. Battery life looks to have been upped to 432 hours standby and 11 hours talktime, improving slightly on the E71.

The E63 looks set to be an interesting addition to the range, perfect for anyone not wanting HSDPA or gadgets such as GPS, but preferring a focused email device which can handle some entertainment if need be, for which Nokia have added a 3.5mm jack plug, their media player and an FM radio.

Given the success of the E71, we see no reason why the E63 should be any different, potentially swaying users who didn’t fancy learning a BlackBerry operating system or the E71′s higher price. Look out for the release date soon.

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74 thoughts on “Nokia’s E63 Business Phone Finally Official.

    • Hey Rushana,

      Providing that your Nokia E63 has Symbian^1 installed on it, you should be able to use Skype. It’s available to download from the Ovi Store.
      Hope this helps!


    • It’s image analysis, pfleectry possible on a number of other smart phones. Cool software though. Be great if my phone recognised that my 2 year old daughter was using it and locked out dialing.

  1. sir.
    i have a problem in my e63 nokia.
    my phone is not swich on ,and all key is not working . there sow me test mode. so what can i do ? please replay me.

  2. ‘I am LIKHAN from Bangladesh. I am so happy to use NOKIA E63 handset. It is very faster to net performance and WAP brousing. So, I am really happy to use NOKIA E63 handset. Thanks.’

  3. Wonderful phone, I must say. The ruby red colour is amazing. Features available make it a best buy for the given range from nokia. I am going to buy one very shortly as the colour I want (rubyred) is presently not available at the dealer here.

  4. Tnokia e63 is nice smartphone,and good to connect by gprs and then not difficult for the control and sure this nokia e63 smartphone equal all smartphone sure
    his is just the phone I needed. I totally loved it!!!!!!!!!! Nokia Rocks

  5. i just love this fone…i’ve always been a nokia kinda reminds me of a blackberry but i’ve always loved nokia smart phones and i’m just waiting on the finances to acquire this phone (nokia e63)

  6. nokia e63 is nice smartphone,and good to connect by gprs and then not difficult for the control and sure this nokia e63 smartphone equal all smartphone sure

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