The Ultimate LG KC910 Renoir Review!

Ever since the LG Viewty was released about a year ago, people who are interested in the most cutting-edge new phones have been speculating as to what type of phone LG would use to replace this leading camera phone. The answer is the LG KC910 (also known as the Renoir), a much more advanced phone in terms of the camera features and video recording features available on the phone which LG announced today would be available from the beginning of October. This new phone is considered to be the flagship phone for the Korean handset manufacturer. Since there aren’t too many phones on the market that can truly compete with it on the level of being an advanced camera phone, the LG KC910 is a phone that people are excited to hear is set to be released soon.


Overview of LG KC910 Renoir

The main reason that a cell phone consumer is going to be interested in purchasing the new LG KC910 as soon as it gets released is because this phone is a leading phone in terms of being a camera phone. The advanced camera features of the new phone make it so that it can replace a fully-functional stand-alone digital camera while adding the calling features of your basic mobile phone. The GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth features of the phone make it an up-to-date calling device. This means that those people seeking to reduce the number of gadgets that they carry around without reducing the quality of use that they get from their gadgets will find the LG KC910 Renoir to be appealing. Those people who are already familiar with the LG Viewty and who are fans of the phone are also going to be interested in the new phone because the LG KC910 has the same features that made the Viewty outstanding in its time but it ups the ante in terms of those features as well as the addition of new features.

LG KC910 as part of LG Lineup

The LG KC910 Renoir is designed to replace the LG Viewty in the lineup of LG camera phones as well as to serve as the flagship phone for the handset maker. The Viewty impressed camera phone owners when it was released last year but the standards for digital cameras have advanced a lot in that short period of time; the LG KC910 is designed as an upgrade which includes those advances in its design. It has the same features that were appealing to the people who like the Viewty – such as the touchscreen and the video camera features – but it also has more to offer than what the previous LG phones have been capable of due to its freshness in the market.

LG has started to gain a name for itself in the camera phone market. This is because of the company’s focus on making sure to be always up-to-date in terms of the digital camera features that are available on a phone. If an advance is made in digital camera technology, LG looks at how to incorporate that into the design of a cell phone. Moreover, LG has not stuck with just offering high-quality photo-taking abilities but has branched out to also offer high-quality video recording on the company’s camera phones. This is all reflected in the most up-to-date manner possible with the upcoming release of the LG Renoir.

Camera Features of LG KC910 Renoir

The main selling feature of the LG KC910 Renoir really is the camera aspect of the phone. Someone would be unlikely to purchase this phone for a primary reason other than to take advantage of the advanced camera features that it offers. Pure and simple, this is a really great camera phone that can completely replace the average person’s standard digital camera. Some of the camera features of the phone that really stand out are:

- 8 Megapixels. This is a full-featured eight megapixel camera. While stand-alone digital cameras are starting to get up into the 10 megapixel-and-up range, the eight megapixel camera is still considered very advanced for a phone-based camera. In fact, there are very few eight megapixel cameras on the market today, although it is the level of camera that manufacturers are now starting to look at making standard. Those people who are interested in taking photos for publication on microstock photo sites would be capable of doing so with the LG Renoir which isn’t typically true of camera phones and would not have been true for people using the LG Viewty so that gives you an idea of how much the camera phones by LG have advanced in the past year.
- Face detection. This is considered to be a standard feature of digital cameras today but it is something that is still being worked into the design of camera phones in order to allow for the user to easily take high-quality, highly-focused photos. The LG KC910 has got this feature. It doesn’t just end with simple face detection either; this phone actually has advanced blink detection and smile detection features that make it really easy for the amateur photographer to always get a great shot with this phone.
- Digital image stabilizer. Most of the pictures that people take from their camera phones (or even from the majority of digital cameras) are a little bit shaky which reduces the quality of the photo. A built-in digital image stabilizer makes sure that isn’t the case with the images taken on the LG Renoir. This is a feature that was really appreciated by camera phone users who bought the LG Viewty and is something that should be considered a requirement for most people buying a camera phone today.
- Xenon flash. This advanced flash allows the user to take high-quality pictures with the LG KC910 regardless of whether photos are being taken indoors or outdoors, in low light or glaring light. This is an improvement over other camera phones including the LG Viewty.
- Schneider-Kreuznach lens. This company is known for being highly-innovative in the design of its photographic lenses so it is exciting to see the lens being incorporated into the camera phone on the LG KC910 Renoir. This really marks the transition from a camera being one feature on a mobile phone to the phone really doubling as a great camera.


Multimedia Playback on LG KC910 Renoir

In addition to the camera features of the LG KC910 Renoir, there are also advanced features on this phone which make for great viewing of the photos that are taken with the phone. Additionally there are other advanced multimedia features that really turn the LG KC910 Renoir into so much more than just a calling device. In fact, the majority of reports that you’ll read about the LG Renoir describe it not as a camera phone but rather as an “all-in-one phone” due primarily to the advanced multi-media capabilities of the phone. Some of those features include:

- TV output features. This allows for the camera phone to be connected to the television in your home so that you can view the photos that you have taken on the television itself rather than only on the camera’s screen.
- Video recording abilities. In addition to being able to take and view great pictures on the camera, you can also record high-quality videos using the LG Renoir. It has the capability of recording in VGA resolution at 30fps or in slow-motion QVGA at 120fps. These videos can be played back on the large touchscreen available on the phone or they can be played through the aforementioned TV output feature. This is a really notable feature of the phone because it’s something that sets the LG camera phones apart from the competition. That has been true of previous LG camera phones, including the LG Viewty, and therefore it seems to be something that the company is really focusing on making an outstanding feature of their phone lineup. As the new flagship phone, the LG Renoir will set the modern standard for this feature.
- Multimedia player. The most obvious multimedia feature of the phone is the fact that it actually comes with a built-in multimedia player. It will reportedly have both DivX and XviD support for playback of videos on the phone.
- Dolby sound. The multimedia player includes mp3-playing capabilities that have advanced sound features because of the incorporation of Dolby sound into the device.

Other Important Features of LG KC910 Renoir

Although the camera phone and multimedia phone features are the main reason that someone would seek to purchase the LG KC910 Renoir, there are plenty of other features that make it so that someone wants to use this as a phone and not just as a camera. Here is a look at some of the other features of the phone that the average user would be likely to appreciate:

- Wi-Fi. Most people these days don’t really want a phone that can’t access the Internet. You don’t have to worry about that with the LG Renoir which is Wi-Fi-enabled. This is a quad-band GSM phone with HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and the Wi-Fi is built right in. What this means is that connectivity for this phone is going to be really high.
- GPS. The LG Renoir has built-in GPS features which is practically mandatory on a cell phone these days because of the desire of many users to make use of the geolocation services that are becoming increasingly available for mobile phones. This is also particularly great on a camera phone since it means that there is the potential to be able to do geotagging of pictures for easy organization and uploading to social media image-sharing sites.
- Bluetooth 2.0. For those people who need to know about the Bluetooth capabilities of their phone, it’s good to know that the LG Renoir is definitely up to date in this area.
- Potential for 8 GB of memory. There is a microSD slot on the LG Renoir that makes it so that the camera can hold a potential 8GB of card-based memory.

Design of LG KC910 Renoir

The thing that most people really want right now with a phone is a touchscreen and that’s what you’re going to get if you purchase the LG Renoir. This allows for a 3-inch display at a resolution of 400 x 241 dpi which is considered a great design choice for the multimedia purposes that the phone will be used for. At fourteen millimeters in thickness (or rather in thinness), this is a phone that’s thin despite its advanced functionality; in fact, it is the thinnest eight megapixel phone to be released to the market to date. With aluminum casing and a hardened glass display, it is considered to be a lightweight phone that is really stylish and modern in appearance.

The really exciting part of the design of the new LG Renoir is that rumors have it that it will have a completely newly redesigned interface. The company has been very quiet about what exactly this means so everyone who knows about this phone is interested in this aspect of the new device. The hope is that the new interface is user-friendly but innovative. It looks like that’s something that won’t be clear to consumers until the product hits the shelves, though, because LG won’t say a word about it beyond that it’s newly designed.

Release Date and Details for LG KC910 Renoir

There has not yet been an official released date announced for the LG Renoir but it has been stated that it is slated for an October release which means that an official release date should be just around the corner. It is not yet clear what the markets are where this phone will be available when it does get released by the Korean handset manufacturer.

Summary of LG KC910 Renoir

The LG Renoir is really leading the way in terms of advanced camera phones entering the market this year. There aren’t too many competitors in terms of an eight megapixel, full-feature camera phone. Add in the fact that the LG Renoir has advanced video-recording features along with multi-media playback features and you’re looking at a phone that can really do it all in this multimedia world. The handset doesn’t scrimp on the basics, though; it can do all of the calling and Internet-based things that you want your mobile phone to be capable of doing. For those people who want a phone that can do a lot and do it well – with a particular emphasis on the camera phone features of the device – this is definitely one of the phones to be eyeing for late 2008.

48 thoughts on “The Ultimate LG KC910 Renoir Review!

  1. l just got my Renoir today, and OMG its fantastic, l just love it, l also have a 3g 16 gig
    iphone and l love the Renoir much better. All l can say is WOW…..
    Still playing with it to work out all the functions, but lm really impressed, might sell the iphone l think.

  2. hi!
    as christmas is only a month away…
    i’ve been looking at a selection of phones and the LG Viewty and Renoir have come to the top of my list…
    obviously you would sya go for the Renoir but i also need to consider expences, and the Viewty is nearly £100 pound cheaper
    so does anyone know where to find either of them cheap
    (btw im from UK)
    THANKS! :D

  3. back again….
    getting my nokia replaced with renoir on monday ( 2 days) :D…still tryin to get rod of my viewty though… and to nicola..u can get the renoir unlocked for 350, but i dont know if this is the cheapest, best deal ive found so far though….

    I know people say that you could get an 8gb iphone for same price, but this gets 8gb card included, and will be able to hold more when memory cards improve and it has many more good features like the camera..this might just be my opinion as i would not consider getting the iphone as i have not long had the ipod touch i get the best of both tbh

  4. hi i’m getting my new ohine in 3 weeks and saw this one just wondering does the phone have problems when calling or can you lock touchscreen when calling. the iphone locks it so when you put it to your ear you don’t switch it off cause of the touch screen and also is t a fantastic phone is it anywhere near the iphone??/

  5. hello everyone.. i own a sony ericsson :( on contract just got it a few month ago and my mum if gettin a new fone and she came across this very sexi lady the LG Renoir and i was like omg i realy need it .. i love it so much that i am act tryin 2 find it on pay as u go so i can put my own sim card in but f**king orange dont sell it i am very disapointed with it coz it is a must have fone and after ready all ov these comment make me need it even more than i already want it..


  6. looks like a descent fone but it dont have any stand out features nothing new otha fones av 8mp cameras n more memory n i bet the response of the touch screen aint dat good if lg incorparated a different fetaure to all otha fnes then yer it mite be an i phone killa but atm no it relly relly aint :(

  7. Just got the lg renoir on the 5th nov 2008, i’m very pleased with it. This is my first touchscreen phone i was quite sceptical at first, but i’m not anymore. The camera is really good 8mp the pictures are really clear as this is the main feature i use. It’s a sleek looking phone which appeals to both male and female it’s also very lightweight which i was shocked about as there are many features. Go on treat yourself to the lg renior, i’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  8. after getting a viewty only 5 days ago at a bargain price and ordering a cheap contract from three with a free nokia 6500 (which i wont be using) i then saw this beauty on threes website at only £12 extra per month (£216 altogether) which extremely annoyed me. i am now in the middle of getting rid of my viewty and sending the 6500 back to three and getting my renoir in around 10 days…..hopefully.

    Not that i’m unimpressed with the viewty, i love the 120 fps feature and think the camera is good, but not as high quality as the c902. After looking at sample pictures and comparisons to samsungs innov8, i think this camera will last me a good couple of years, beyond my contract. The viewty has a decent set of features but not brilliant and with improvements on the renoir I am looking forward to getting this phone.

    P.S. Hopefully the touchscreen on texting with keyboard has improved

  9. omg i have to have this phone i love it so far lol

    but how much is it ?
    ive got a rly bad feeling its gonna be realy expensive lol
    send me an email back answering please

  10. There is a keyboard. When you select to write a txt tilt the phone on its side and the accelerometer brings a landscape qwerty board onto the screen.

    Flash based software so no windows mobile or symbian affair.

  11. ive got the LG VIEWTY and I jus got it in June and I think the viewty is rly gd. That means the RENOIR is gonna be rly rly gd! I probab won’t get it coz I jus got the Viewty, but I’m jus wonderin if this phone is available on pay as you go. If it is how much is it????
    One more thing is that the LG Viewty doesn’t have a very gd TOUCH screen. If the Renoir is a more responsive touch screen then the phone is probab rly gd!!!!

  12. The LG Renoir, Wicked name, features-a-plenty!!! The camera is outstanding as we knew it would be, the touch navigation and menus are easy and well designed. Memory at current I have an 8gb card and the core memory is only a mere 100mb. In comparison to the samsung from other people and other reviews I would say this is the better phone. A nice feature which not alot of phones have is the camera shutter, small but important. Very lightweight and not too big. All in all one of the best phones available on the market.

  13. hey how much does this phone cost and is it on pay as you go ??? just wondering because its an amazing looking phone and being a proud owner of the viewty i would lyk 2 hav this phone email me back

  14. I’ve just ordered this mother and it looks good. Orange told me I would have to pay for an N96 even as a premier customer, and then this little beauty came along and I don’t have to pay – why would I want a 5 mega pixel camera phone I have to pay for when I can get an 8 MP for nothing? Hello?!!

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  16. As Nokia N96 the first high-end & all-in-one wonder unveiled today, better see Samsung’s line-ups? First, the i900 Omnia as the greatest mobile phone today because of its optical excellence (same to Renoir) and awesome versatility (8-16 gigabyte storage, Window’s Mobile 6.1 Pro, TouchWiz interface, GPS, auto-rotate accelerometer etc.). Second, the M880 Pixon features: 8 megapixel camera, Advance Shake Reduction (ASR) & Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technologies, auto-rotate accelerometer and virtual 5.1 channel Surround Sound System (SRS) support. Third, the i8510′s similar optical excellence with Renoir. Fourth, the proposed Samsung SCH-B600. Features: 10 megapixel camera, integrated zoom lens and built-in DBM-satellite TV. Motorola also announced their 5 megapixel Kodak optic ZN5 to chanllenge Sony Ericsson’s C905.

  17. @raul, you are absolutely right, the flash of viewty is really terrible…

    i sold it because the flash and now i´m looking for a new phone, guess i found

  18. Wow !!! base on the mentioned features of this phone, i definately know that it will suit people like me, because this is exactly what i have been expecting LG companies to produce. please when this phone is release do contact me via mail.

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