7 Prisoners In Hospital After Hiding Mobile Phones in Their Bodies


Seven prisoners are recovering in hospital today after operations to remove hidden mobile phones were carried out in Pakistan. Doctors were forced to operate on the patients after they were unable to remove the phones naturally.

Prison officers at Camp Jail were carrying out a sweep at the prison and found 37 prisoners had concealed phones inside their bodies. 30 of them were able to remove the phones without needing hospital treatment however seven smartphone owners were unable to remove their handsets and required surgery.


The mens identities have been made public on the prison notice board and they will be transferred to punishment cells as soon as they are discharged from hospital.

Although this is the largest single incident of this type prisoners often get caught with hidden phones – last year a UK prisoner required over 200 stitches and needed part of his bladder removed during surgery to remove a particularly large handset from his rectum.