The Ultimate Samsung Omnia i900 Review

Smartphone makers around the globe are tripping all over themselves in an attempt to create a phone that can compete with Apple’s iPhone. Samsung may have a winner with the Samsung Omnia, alternatively known as the Samsung i900. This phone is a touch-screen based phone that is designed to offer many of the features that people are looking for in a smartphone today including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, media player functions and camera phone features. It is an all-in-one phone that serves to offer these capabilities within a slim and stylish design.

Samsung Omnia Overview

The Samsung i900 is also being called the Samsung Omnia – a word which derives from the Latin for the word “everything”. Combined with the fact that the slogan for this phone is “more than a phone”, it is easy to see that the i900 is a smartphone that aims to be everything to everybody. The phone offers a variety of different smartphone features to the advanced cell phone consumer who is interested in having one of the phones that can truly compete with the top-level handsets produced in the market today. Because of the variety of features that the phone offers, the phone’s stylish design and its ability to meet its stated goals, the i900 appears to be one of the best options out there in terms of a smartphone that provides direct competition to the popular Apple iPhone.


Three Goals of the Omnia

The phone that aims to do everything does so through a focused attempt to meet the needs of the consumer in three different ways:

- Functionality. The main purpose of the phone is that it is a highly-functional smartphone capable of meeting all of your professional and personal needs. With Wi-Fi connectivity, advanced applications and ease-of-use, the phone is a highly functional phone. It can be used by professionals who are seeking constant connectivity and advanced organizational features from a phone. It can also be functional for the personal user who might be interested in online social networking and other functions that differ from those of the professional mobile phone user.
- Entertainment. In addition to meeting the functional needs of the user, the Samsung i900 is designed to be able to offer a high level of entertainment to the person using the phone. Play online games, watch YouTube videos or snap pictures and easily upload them to your Facebook and Flickr accounts. These entertainment features are really what most people are looking for in a mobile phone – and especially a smartphone – today.
- Style. It doesn’t just aim to be a phone that provides both function and fun but also aims to be a phone that you’re happy to take out of your pocket and show off because it has a great stylish design. This design is intended to be professional in appearance in order to be suitable for the office but it aims to be anything but boring; it’s the kind of phone that gets positive attention in a variety of different settings because of its unique polished style.


Advanced Features

The Samsung Omnia aims to be able to offer the variety of different features that the cell phone user desires so that there is no need for the consumer to carry extra devices in addition to this one. This phone has multimedia playing features, a built-in five megapixel camera and Wi-Fi connectivity that should allow for almost all of a consumer’s wireless phone needs to be met. Here is a closer look at the advanced features that would cause the average person to take an interest in purchasing this phone:

- Touchscreen with advanced haptical touch technology. One of the reasons that people like the Omnia is because it is designed with the same touchscreen technology as the Apple iPhone. This touchscreen form isn’t ideal for everyone (some people still prefer the Qwerty keyboard of traditional smartphones) but it’s the way of the future and is a feature that the majority of smartphone users today are starting to take a serious interest in. The i900 offers this but it also offers the option of a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard on the screen for those people who can’t quite get used to the idea of living without that design feature. This phone goes one step further and uses Haptic Touch technology which sends vibrations back to the user to enhance the interactive feel of the phone. This makes the phone simple to use for a variety of different applications.


- High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. One of the features of the Samsung Omnia that makes this phone so functional is that it offers high-speed data transfers through advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. The phone can connect at speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and may be even faster when utilizing a Wi-Fi hot spot with the phone. The phone offers advanced browsing on the high-speed Internet connection. The phone is able to transfer easily between a cellular network and a Wi-Fi hotspot which means that data usage rates can be kept low in times when you are using the free Wi-Fi in a public space (or a private building that offers a free wireless connection); this feature also means that you can access the Internet using the cell network for times when you are not in a Wi-Fi hotspot. This type of constant connectivity is a highly-desired feature in smartphones today.

- PC-style features. The mobile web is growing rapidly and people are getting used to the idea that their phones are going to be highly similar to their PCs. The Omnia offers this wave-of-the-future style and function in terms of not only the web connections on the phone but also in terms of the business features that it has. The phone operates the Windows Mobile 6.1 Platform which basically takes the PC applications that you are already used to using and extends them to the mobile environment. This means that you would be capable of accessing and using Word, PowerPoint and Excel on your mobile phone. This offers an easy transition between the office and home for the professional user and is something that’s in increasing demand even by the non-professional phone user.


- Enhanced GPS features. The Samsung i900 has advanced GPS features that add function and fun to the phone. In terms of function, the GPS system can be used to better navigate areas with which you are unfamiliar as well as to locate services in the area where you are located. In terms of fun, the GPS system can be used for features like geotagging of photos which is useful for people interested in utilizing the phone for mobile social networking purposes. More and more applications are starting to use GPS; for example, the GPS on your phone is used in applications designed to give you updated traffic information and to provide you with movie showtime information in the area.

- Enhanced audio and video features. This is a multi-media phone that is capable of advanced audio and video experiences. There’s a 3.2″ wide LCD screen so you are able to view videos in a high-quality format on your mobile phone. As mobile content becomes increasingly common in daily use, this type of feature becomes more and more important. The phone incorporates other advanced features such as MultiCodec support which means that there is no trouble for the user when trying to watch various formats because the formats are accepted and converted automatically for easy viewing on the mobile phone. In other words, this phone offers highly advanced audio and video playing features but it does so in a way that is very simple for the user.

- 5 Megapixel Camera. There’s a built-in five megapixel camera which means that it isn’t necessary to carry along a second digital camera in order to take high-quality pictures. Although this isn’t the most advanced camera phone on the market, it ranks up there with some of the top-level camera phones and should sufficiently take the place of the stand-alone camera device for most users. The phone is an advanced camera phone with features such as face detection and auto focus which means that you should have no problem taking high-quality photos using the phone in a variety of settings whether or not you are technically skilled in the use of a digital camera.

- Autorotation. Anyone who has played with an iPhone knows that one of the coolest features that it offers is the fact that the screen will autorotate. The Samsung i900 also offers this feature. It rotates to three of its four sides so that you can choose the way that you want to view web pages and video content. It uses different technology from the iPhone; rather than utilizing an internal accelerometer, it makes use of the camera technology of the phone to rotate the screen. It isn’t clear yet whether one method is better than the other in terms of autorotation but the phone appears to do the rotation just fine.


- Astounding memory. The Omnia is a phone that comes with a lot of memory – 8 GB or 16 GB depending on the handset that is purchased. This means that the phone can be used to store a massive amount of pictures, videos, data files and mobile games. The memory allows for the advanced use of the phone for both professional and personal activities. Extended memory capabilities are a must-have with smartphones like this today and it’s a feature that the designers did not leave out when creating this handset.

- Long-Life Detachable Battery. The battery life is impressive as well. This is highly important in a smartphone today particularly when the phone is going to be regularly used as an entertainment device or for prolonged web surfing. In one GPS dedicated battery test, the phone was able to last four hours and twenty minutes which is about twice as long as competitive phones in the market.


The Samsung Omnia is intended to be an advanced mobile phone for the twenty-first century. This is reflected in the edgy design, and ultra slimness that measures less than 13 mm in depth. It has a 240 x 400 screen which allows for terrific viewing of everything from websites to video clips. The handset has a platinum finish with detailed hairline pattern designs that add a touch of coolness to the handset. So this is a thin phone which is compact enough to be easy to carry and yet wide enough to offer easy viewing of photos, videos and Internet pages. This makes it the ideal size of smartphone that people are seeking from the market today. Combined with the additional polished features of the phone, this is a design that is going to turn a few heads.

Summary of Samsung Omnia i900

By way of a summary, this is an all-in-one multimedia smartphone that is designed to meet the professional and personal needs of a diverse array of consumers. The features of the phone are intended to be able to compete against top-level smartphones in the market today, specifically the iPhone since this is a touch-screen based phone. The features of the phone live up to the hype surrounding them and therefore make this a phone that can definitely compete in this modern market.

18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Samsung Omnia i900 Review

  1. Hi, I got the phone this past Friday 23rd August 2008. I have to say, at first I was a little disappointed with the phone, only because in all honesty, it isn’t a smooth an interface as the iPhone. BUT, that said… don’t lose hope straight away, after all we don’t want the iPhone we want something else.
    It’s good, really good!!! You just have to fiddle with it a bit and set it up in a way that suits you. And once you realise that not everything needs to be done through the Windows Mobile interface, rather Samsung’s one, you find it quite nice and smooth.
    So, I’m happy… very pleased with the phone and don’t regret that I’ll have it for at least the next 18 months! Go buy it… maybe I’ll do a little review on youtube, I dunno..

  2. Too bad they decided not to include a slide out keypad. I ‘ve stayed away from the iPhone because it’s a nightmare to text and e-mail on. Nice gimmick the touch screen keypad but in the real world it doesn’t cut it with me. . If you have slim fingers and long nails then hey.. it’s probably good for you.
    I’ll wait for and buy the Sony Erricson Xperia. Has a proper keypad and for me thats how it should be.

  3. Finally got my hands on the mnia yesterday and first impressions are “great!” loving the vast amount of features and the shear superb quality of the device itself is making it well worth the purchase. Will update as and when i get to grips with all the features but as there are so many it may take some time….

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