Nokia Takes A Glimpse Into The Future With Morph

Some time ago, Nokia revealed plans for a concept phone capable of being flexible enough to wrap around a wrist, bend and contort its shape at will and remain flat as a pancake at rest. It looked great, but all seemed a tad futuristic and there was no particular reason to believe that it would ever see the light of day.

Following work with the University of Cambridge, Nokia has recently announced that the ‘Morph’ phone could well be arriving sooner than you might think. It looks a bit different to the original idea and is still at the concept stage, but is on show at the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition from 24 February to 12 May 2008 at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.The device uses nanotechnology that is deemed to reshape much of our current thinking in technology design in the near future. Flexible circuits based on rubberised material will allow the device to bend and stretch to fit around a wrist or remould itself into different shapes depending on the active application. It’s even suggested that the surface could be self-cleaning, using specially constructed surfaces designed to repel dirt, water and grease.

Much of the research involved in producing a mainstream working model is at advanced stages but one bridge that is yet to be crossed almost inevitably comes in the form of power. Finding alternative sources to today’s Lithium-Ion cells is an area that’s fundamental to the success of many new technologies.

Nokia predicts that ‘Morph’ style tech will be available for high-end phones in around seven years, with more widespread adoption possible a few years after that.

Take a look at the new concept video below and see for yourself:

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