The Samsung J700 – Something For The Budget Market

Samsung wouldn’t want to be accused of not catering for the budget market with its new array of phones, and in the understated J700 has found something to appeal to those who aren’t bothered about the sorts of snazzy features found elsewhere.

Samsung j700 mobile phone

It’s another slide-phone, a design choice that perhaps suggests that flip-phones are on their way out, sports a 2″ display and adopts a similarly sleek and glossy style to much of the rest of its range. It’s solidly built though, with a metal frame and is impressively slim at under 10mm thick. You’ll still find a music player, FM radio and rather meagre 1.3MP camera built in, and there’s a microSD card slot for upping the internal capacity. You’ll find tri-band GSM connectivity and Bluetooth 2.0 built in, but no HSDPA for fast data access.

Samsung j700 open

It’s not a patch on the high-end models from the range but for a budget phone we think it looks pretty impressive, certainly good enough to fool the naked eye from a distance anyway.

The J700 should hit the market in March and is set to retail for around 130 euros.

34 thoughts on “The Samsung J700 – Something For The Budget Market

  1. I just bought this phone it good…but can anybody tell me how can i change the sms quit slow the sound. An have 2GB memori card..i have download a lot of music and video clip..but went i transfer it to my ringtone coloum in thr phone only 4 music can be add..what must i do to have more spece for my ringtone

  2. Does This Phone Have Bluetooth As I Have Ordered It On Contract And Have To Have It For A Year Until I Get Updated And Im Hoping Its Dcent Enough To Transfer Songs And Quite Good For General Use..

    Is This Phone Really Old And Rubbish??

    Please Write Back asap!!


  3. Helloo. =] ive got this really thin pink fone from orange its samsung nd a cnt remenber wht it is lol but its just broke nd i need a new one and am looking at the j700! The reviews all sound pretty good but the descriptions from the shops arnt great saying its great for ppl who dnt care about gd features they also say the camera isnt any good!? so i was just woundering wht it is like and u no those two button at the top wich r like jeely circles lol do they work as buttons and does it have any touch sensitive parts? Thankyoou. =p

  4. i will check it out on mine Anand and get back to you later. Tell me tho When you go to My files are the videos under VIDEOS or are they under MEMORY CARD? I know on my previous phone i had to move them under memory card, although i am unsure about this phone. As i said, i will check mine out

  5. hey…i jus bought J 700 today…its kinda amazin…cool n sleek…also got a 1 GB memory card for it….but ders a problem wid it..m not able to transfer songs n videos directly to d card…instead it goes only to the initially alloted memory of 10 MB…Can anyone of u PLZZ suggest somethin…

    Thnx a lot…

  6. I bloody love fones don’t you? I mean you can ring, text, take pictures and now even video! It’s just amazing! My Nokia 3210 brings a tear to my eye! Thanx guys xxx

  7. the reviews say 10mb internal memory ben but i’m not to sure as i haven’t purchased mine yet. But you can use a memory card. If you like i can provide you with a website that has really good valur on them compared to high street and other sites. I will have to check my other computer’s favoutires for it. But for my dig camera a year ao i bought a 2gb mermory card for £16 which had i bought else where i would have been paying about £40

  8. hey there im considering buying this phone. Does it have any faults? also does anyone have a digital camera that they can take a picture and forward it to me cause i know online pictures never look the same in colour in real and the phone shop is out of them for me to view

  9. To confirm, teh phone should be supplied with a cd which has the USB cable drive on it as well as the suite of programs that is used for uploading / downloading images, music etc, etc.
    It is also supplied with the necessary USB cable to connect to the computer.
    If it’s not in the box when bought new, then complain!
    It should be there.

    Great phone btw. Had mine 4 weeks now & it’s not had any problems at all

  10. Please help!how can a message tone be changed??or just 4 very poor preset tones…???
    also,I find very annoying the tone when you scroll down the menu,is there any way to change it??Any help would be very much appreciated!Thanks!

  11. Hi! I bought this phone last week and some of the stuff in the box got mixed in another phone box. Should the phone come with a CD ROM? because when i tried to connect the phone to the USB it said i needed a CD to install the software on to the computer – but when i went back to the shop they said it didnt come with a CD?? I’m sure it did tho?? Please help!!!!

  12. hiya!
    i really want this phone i hope the camera is good!
    with it being a mp3 paleyer aswell i was hoping it would have memory but obviously not
    can anyone tell me whenther you get a lead/cable to upload pictures onto the computer?
    Because i have amyspace which i like to put pictures but i have alot of good pictures on my old phone but there is no cable to allow me to put them on with!

    Please reply if anyone has the answer or any more info on this phone!
    hannah x

  13. hello … can any one tell me ??? Read my other email – I want to find out the answers to my questions !!! Lol my phone broke 2 …. it was a sony erricson !!!! The soft ware broke :-(

    If u can help thn Thnx


  14. I am wishing for this phone for my birthday and I looked at in the shop and it looked absolutley fantastic …. is it a good phone and is it good for music ( how many songs can it hold ) I hope it does not have any bad problems …. like keys braking or it shuts down on you … LOL.

    Thanks …. ~J~

  15. Hiya, I’m thinking of buying this phone in the next few days, was wondering, like the Samsung D600 does it come with a cable that you can link into your computer to upload photos onto your computer? x

    Thanks, Kat x

  16. hiya jess, i am looking for another phone as my LG chocolate broke. so do you think the samsung j700 is a good phone to get. also you said you got it for £50 where did you get it from and what network are you? thanks, naomi

  17. ive got this fone now its reallÑc cool!!
    mÑc friends love it!”
    and i got it for £50!!
    If anÑcones instrested in this fones info then ask me ill help Ñcoouu out!!

    and anÑcone whos not sure what fone to get go for this one its got amazing features such as 1.3 mp camera , skins , bluetooth and also Ñcouuu will have to buÑc a memorÑccard as it dosent have much memorÑc!!


    jess xx

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