Suffering from mobile addiction? Try cell phone therapy.

Mobile phone addiction; it’s a terrible thing. Actually, I’m amazed there hasn’t been an awareness week for it yet. Phone mast shaped badges, lots of moving photographs of victims with bandaged thumbs. “John’s got carpal tunnel syndrome from texting. ..”.


On a serious note, however,  there is one country running a programme to help combat mobile phone addiction.  Korea is often the place we look to for mobile innovation both in terms of handsets and services, so it’s perhaps not surprising that it’s the first place to identify addiction as a serious problem. The concern is mostly for teenagers and young adults, who find their lives dominated by mobile use.  Teachers who confiscate the phones in school are experiencing a disproportionate reaction – tears, begging and nervousness.  The Korean Association for Information Society conducted a survey in 2001 which suggested that 74.9% of young people feel nervous without their phones. But the phones are also becoming more and more disruptive, with 43.7% sending texts during lectures.

In response, the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (KADO), a civic society called the School Beautiful Group and network provider SK Telecom have launched a campaign for responsible mobile use.  The twelve schools, from primary to secondary level, that are taking part in the pilot programme will encourage pupils to share their mobile phone use patterns and the symptoms they experience when they’re parted from their precious handsets. They’ll also discuss proper use of mobile phones. Students brave enough to be parted from their phones during class will be able to do so in special phone lockers on site.

And I thought phone therapy was upgrading my handset…

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  1. wow! Who knew that cell phone addiction could become such a problem. It’s crazy how much addiction seems to be affecting people these days. From drugs, food, pills, and apparently, now cell phones, it seems that there are so many things that are addictions in today’s society. I wonder if they’ll feature mobile phone usage in the A&E show Intervention. Have any of you seen it? It’s a great show that helps people deal with addictions. It makes the addict think that they’re being filmed for a documentary, shows all of their issues with coping with everyday life and their addiction, and then they confront them in the end, giving them a choice to go to an Intervention specialist, or continue life the way they are. It’s really an interesting show, delving into the dichotomy of an addict’s life, their choices, and how their addiction affects them. You should check out the new season premier on December 3rd at 9pm, or watch an episode at It’s really an inspirational show, and I work to support it because I think that it’s important for everyone to overcome their addictions. You know, come to think of it, I think that they should do an episode about cell phones. I know that I’ve become pretty addicted to my cell phone. How do the rest of you cope with trying not to let that little mobile device rule your life? Any of you have other addictions that you are trying to deal with?

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