How to upload to Flickr using a mobile phone


It was only a matter of time before the social neworking revolution found its way onto the mobile phone, next in our series of ’How to’ guides we’ll explain how to upload your mobile phone pictures directly to popular photo community Flickr. 

There are two ways to upload to Flickr – use the email service, or use a third party uploader. I’ll explain both. Please note that to browse the new Flickr mobile site and use email uploading you will need a Yahoo ID.

1. Upload to Flickr by email

Simply sign in to Flickr to get your unique email address. Then send photos there with the title as the subject line and description in the message body.

If you like to tag your photos just add a line to the description formatted like this example: “tags: holiday, rome, september”.

Your privacy settings are inherited from your main account unless you choose otherwise.

If you’re keen to become a blogger you can even get a dedicated email from Flickr to use for moblogging.

2. Upload to Flickr through a third party

Nokia, Shozu and Zonetag all offer third party upload services. Recent Nokias, including of course the famous N95, have Flickr upload software pre-installed on them. Shozu has a one-click upload service and Zonetag adds location tags.

Helpful Handsets:

Any phone that has a large screen, photo and video taking capability and – in an ideal world – a high speed connection is great. If you know you’ll be doing this regularly, check out your provider’s rates for data transfer and find an appropriate low-cost or unlimited package.

Motorola Z8 “Movie Phone” – HSDPA and high definition
LG Prada Phone - EDGE support, large screen 
Sony Ericsson K810i Cybershot- 3G and excellent camera
Nokia N95 – because no mobile article is complete without mentioning this these days!

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