Sony PSP Phone On The Horizon!

A few months ago, you may have heard that Sony were planning on releasing a ‘PSP Phone’, but hadn’t heard or read anything since. Indeed no phone has materialised as yet… so was this just another rumour going round? It seems not. A little digging around brought us to the US Patent & Trademark Office, and in particular to application number 20070123309 which looks as if it IS for an imminent PSP Phone!

Well, we’ve got our eager designer on the case to whip up a mock of how the phone will probably look from the accompanying specs in the application and here it is…

From the specifications the PSP Phone will look something like this.  Similar to the PSP as many may have guessed. The PSP phone will possess a rotating screen to switch between functions

I’m sure one would have realised this having read the application abstract:

A mobile information terminal apparatus including a first case including a display portion, a second case, and a rotary support mechanism for supporting the first case and the second case such that the first case is horizontally rotatable with respect to the second case and the first case takes at least a first position and a second position different from the first position, in which the shapes of the mobile information terminal apparatus at the first position and the second position are substantially identical. Thus key operability, especially that for performing entertainment functions represented by gaming function, is improved and usability of the apparatus is enhanced.

What!?!?! That makes a lot of sense doesn’t it!

Draft details of the PSP Phone

From the specs, it will feature a rotatable liquid crystal display that flips round to provide both phone and gaming functionality. It will also have TV and/or Video function, Email, a camera with zoom; a slightly different keypad to the norm (as you may have guessed!) and it may possibly have Bluetooth, wireless LAN 802.11, and WAP.

It seems as though the PSP phone will be released around February time of next year which makes a fair bit of sense as Sony Ericsson normally release their latest lines of Walkman and Cybershot branded handsets toward the beginning of the year. So it wouldn’t surprise us if we also see a Sony Playstation line being announced somewhere around that time too.

Upon its release, the PSP Phone is bound to take top spot in gaming phones, so it wouldn’t shock me to see a rival phone from Nokia soon after!

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13 thoughts on “Sony PSP Phone On The Horizon!

  1. I have to say, this relentless march of technology scares me. Where will it end? Artificial Intelligence being installed on your handset? A microwave oven/surface to air missile launcher attachment? Is this the first step towards the nightmarish scenario envisaged in the Matrix movies (great movies by the way. Well, not so much the third one. But the first was fantastic)? Soon our mobile phones will be our lives; we shall be plugged into a virtual reality through them, as our muscles atrophy and waste away.

    Civilisation crumbles. The O2 hive mind takes over. The machine stops.

    What then?

    I just want a phone that’s a phone. :_(

  2. I remember seeing an imitation PSP on your blog earlier this year from some oriental manufacturer. It was smaller than the existing PSP & looked good ergonomically. Probabyly why Sony have released a smaller version of their portable. The design of this model looks boo, they have the technology to cram these functions into the existing PSP. The swivel screen is asking for trouble too, the thing just looks crusty.
    I note DAP no longer offer PSPs as part of the free gifts. Is this because DAP want to introduce the New smaller version? hope so…

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