How to upload to YouTube using a mobile phone


The first in our series of ’How to’ social networking guides focusses on using a mobile phone to upload a video to YouTube. For those among us who mostly use our mobiles for making calls and sending the odd text, the notion of uploading a photo or video can seem a bit daunting. Fear not! It’s really much, much easier than it looks, as this quick how-to guide using two of the most popular sites will show. Think of it as cut out and keep without the dotted line and scissors!

Uploading a video to YouTube

1. Create an account or mobile profile with YouTube

You can do this from your phone but if you don’t have a high speed connection or low data rates it could be a bit time or cash-consuming. If you know you want to upload, it’ll just take seconds to do this on a computer, so why not do it now?

You’ll be given a dedicated YouTube email address that will look something like this:

If you already have a YouTube account, just edit it to add a mobile profile; if not you’ll have to create an account first.

2. Send your video to the email address by MMS

Yes, that’s really it. You just send a multimedia message to that email address at YouTube and the upload will start. To edit video information you will need to go in and browse the site later so again, you may find it’s more efficient to do this from a computer.

Up and coming handsets like the LG “Viewty”, which will feature one-click YouTube uploads, and Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K770i are worth looking out for.

10 thoughts on “How to upload to YouTube using a mobile phone

  1. i have an lg viewty its the best phone in the world but it is hard to put videos and pictures
    i do npt no how to i trided evry thing but evrey thing works but that

  2. i have a LG viewty, having trouble with uploading vidoes directly from phone to site. i get the error “no account information” + “error 856″. i have an account and i have also made the mobile profile as suggested. i login from the PC with the same account info, yet it does not work from the phone.

    i bluetooth the video to the pc and then upload from the youtube site… no fun if i can not load directly from the phone… :(


  3. I have Samsung E-250 mobile set and have Idea connection in which. I want to see all the YOU Tube video or Orkut. How it is possible. please mail me for thati.SS

  4. the you tube feature of the viewty, dont let you view all the videos on you tube, only a select quanity, why is this??? the iphone lets you view all the you tube videos.

  5. I have a LG Viewty and its the best! it has the option to upload to youtube on every video on my phone, i recommend this phone to every1, much better than the iphone or whateva its called these days…

  6. This is why HTC Windows Mobile phones are the best.. instead of doing all the above stated with windows mobile you just install youtube flash player and Bobs your uncle. Go to youtube and just watch the videos.

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