How girly is your mobile phone?

OK, time to name and shame. Who has got the girliest phone in Britain?

Through some very careful analysis of our sales data, we’ve been able to categorise all of our phones according to the percentage of boy or girl owners.

There are some pretty startling revelations!

Who would have thought that pink phones are almost entirely bought by girls, or that boys love phones with loads of gadgets? Funny that.

There are a few surprises however. The Prada phone by LG, surely a shoe-in for the girliest phone award, is actually pretty popular among the guys! 47% of all Pradas are in fact bought by fellas.

And the LG Chocolate and Platinum Chocolate are big favourites with the ladies, who account for over 60% of all owners.

Here are the top tens! (percentages relate to the numbers of girl and boy owners respectively)


And for the guys…

Top ten manly phones 

The award for the girliest manufacturer goes to Samsung, while every single Sony Ericsson that we sell has a higher percentage of male owners than females.

How girly is your phone? Take a look! (Flash required)

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  1. how clever are you people at Dial a Phone. This is great to find out the state of our phones. can you tell me what about the K810i phone? I am a girl incase you have’nt noticed by the way

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