10 companies that could bring out mobile phones!

Every man and his dog is bringing out a phone these days, usually companies with absolutely nothing to do with the mobile industry like Prada, Tag Heuer, Levis and Aston Martin. So who’s going to be the next to slap their brand on a mobile phone?

Swatch Phone- This is actually the inspiration for this post – Swatch have revealed a pretty insane looking concept device, that seems to have every other electronic gadget on the market, it’s a surprise a phone hasn’t been thrown in there too for good measure. And if Tag can do it…

swiss-army-phone.jpgSwiss Army Phone – Convergence is the key these days, so why don’t we have a phone from the leading name in pocket usefulness? The pull-out toothpick could even double as a stylus for use with the touchscreen! Actually this guy’s already thought of it.burberry-phone.gif

Burberry/Hackett/Stone Island Phone - Why hasn’t anyone thought of doing a chav phone before? If you can get a corner in the chav market, there’s no limit to the number of cloned goons you can flog your overpriced fashion muck to. Imagine designing the pink Hackett shirt of the mobile market!

Canon/Fugi/Nikon Phone - If camera phones get any better, camera manufacturers are going to be out of work, so how long before we see a super camera, that happens to have a phone tacked on the side?harley phone.jpg

Harley Davidson Phone - They’ve never been afraid to plaster their brand on all kinds of things that have nothing to do with motorbikes, I think I’ve even got a Harley Davidson pencil case somewhere, so a phone is a logical step. There’s already a replica motorobike phone for the landline!

Landrover/Timberland/Caterpillar Phone - A rugged man’s phone you can go rock climbing with. Impervious to all the natural world can throw at it, it can be submerged in a ravine, dropped off a cliff or struck by lightning. Comes with a built-in compass and Sat Nav in case you’re not as outdoorsy as you think you are.

Army phone.jpgArmy Phone – For people who’d like to pretend they’re talking on walkie-talkies. It’s made of riveted metal, has two buttons – talk and stop, and can withstand being driven over by a jeep.

Tweenies Phone - Or whatever the latest temporary nursery school fad is. Kids need to talk these days, no self-respecting seven or eight year old can david beckham motorola.jpgbe seen out without the latest in handheld communication, and it’s not cool having Mum’s old phone either. 

David Beckham Phone - He’s got a perfume, a computer game, a clothing range at M&S, a sportswear brand and a slick logo that would look great embossed in silver on the front of a phone. He’s also a brand ambassador for Motorola so he’s no doubt well read in the ups and downs of the mobile industry! The phone will be simple but expensive and will only work in America.

Ann Summers Phone - Er… some joke about the vibrate mode…

Forget it.

6 thoughts on “10 companies that could bring out mobile phones!

  1. Don’t you already know that Swatch marketed a mobile phone in the early 1990′s? I still have the handset, it weighs 375g, is 3.5cm thick by 17cm long! The phone is a putrid shade of minty green, it also came in purple and a couple of other colours. I’ve looked everywhere on the web for a picture but it seems like this handset is resigned to historical obscurity.

  2. I would like a phone that has a button to transmit a sound to the caller that is so high pitch it bursts the protective sack that the brain resides in causing ultimate death….mmm what a phone that would be

  3. I really liked that post.

    Should’ve thrown in a few of my accessory reviews!!

    Got another one for ya:

    Everythings going mobile, mobile phone, mobile email, mobile internet.

    How about this the new Volkswagen/vodafone Complete mobile office outfit.

    A rough and ready VW Camper van loaded to the teeth with computer power up its rear.

    As well as existing email/internet functions the unique concept device can hold up to 15 people for a board meeting. At to this the mobile assistant that is provided if you sign a high enough tariff. She will provide drinks and winks to all the snazzy board members. With a top speed of 38mph you will be able to deliver all your text messages in person via the snazzy sat nav. An average text from london to dover takes about 4 hours in the camper van (still faster than T-mobile)

    Now mobile Communications have truly gone mobile

    Or have we gone full circle and are living in caravans again.

    A friend of mine had a caravan once. What larks! Oh it brings me to tears to remember all the fish.

    Clever use of a harpoon is required order to get the best deal from a mobile phone sales consultant. That or a basket of elderberry scented hair products. Details to follow

    The Common Gnat lives for only 48 hours but in its short life span makes love over 100 times. Thats the last time i blush if someone calls me a gnat! or a gnome or a volumising sandwich, or a green space newspaper, or a random thought

    I frequently pass local shops and gaze in wonder at the products that they sell any thing from underpants to champagne, bikinis to whisky, bras to vodka, tights to beer. Anything you need is just a minute away in your local shop.
    Did I mention that i live between a liquor store and a lingere palace. (its not actually built from lingere. They used figs and mud it took them a while but fair play)

    As usual the truffles are the only reliable thing in this godforsaken planet. Constant mushroomy goodness for a select few – pure class.

    Ýours Truly
    Eileen Dover
    Professional Journo-terrorist

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