Is the LG Shine the new Nokia 8800?

The Nokia 8800 continues to amaze me.

It remains a popular handset, two years after its launch, despite being appallingly over-priced and under-spec’d. It sits on top of the Nokia range, but what does it have? 0.5 megapixel camera when the top phones now come with 5! It’s not 3G, the talktime is a disappointing 1.5-3 hours, you can’t add additional memory to it and the screen is small and dated.


It’s a fashion phone basically, the mobile equivalent of a pair of Armani jeans. A nice phone to look at and to hold, but not a lot more than that. The metal casing gives it an expensive feel, and the buttons click with a satisfying clunk. It has a stylish younger brother, the Sirocco, which boasts a more impressive line-up, but is also eye-wateringly expensive.

It now has a rival however, and what’s more, one that should actually be good enough to beat it.

LG Shine.jpg

The LG Shine is now available, and we like it. It’s the latest in an impressive range of fashion phones from LG that includes the Chocolate, the Chocolate Platinum and the Prada phone.

The Shine also has a metal finish and trumps the 8800 with a clever screen that displays a mirror effect when not in use.

Its a very impressive phone to hold, with the same build quality and expensive feel as the 8800. The vital statisics far outweigh the latter as well. It has a 2 megapixel camera, a bigger and better screen, a handy roll bar for improved navigation and most importantly, it’s very reasonably priced!

Is it an 8800 beater though?

Well it’s undeniably a better package and put head-to-head with the 8800 it outscores the Nokia in pretty much every category. That alone doesn’t make it a must-have phone though, and where Nokia succeeded so well with the 8800 was with the carefully cultivated image that gave it its executive cult status.

A tough act to follow, but LG have produced a little gem.

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