Mobile Phone Round-Up of the Week – 19th January 2007

Another busy week in the mobile world.Big Brother Logo.jpg

Carphone Warehouse have pulled out of their sponsorship deal with Big Brother after it emerged the British public cannot be let loose on television without resorting to racist bullying.

LG have officially announced the Prada phone. It will be with us from late February and will cost 600 Euros. “We are exceptionally proud of the Prada phone by LG” says the CEO of LG. “The two companies have worked seamlessly towards a truly shared vision, to develop one of the most beautfully stylish handsets the market has ever seen”.

For an exclusive picture of a black square with a shimmering white background, go to naomi

Naomi Cambell has been handed a community service sentence for a serious case of mobile misbehaviour. She hurled her phone at her maid for mislaying the jeans she was going to wear on the Oprah Winfrey show, requiring the unfortunate woman to have Jamiroquai.giffour stiches. Naughty.

Sony Ericsson have dreamed up an unusual way of promoting their Walkman phones. They’ve chartered a plane to host a Jamiroquai concert at 35,000 feet. It’ll be called “The Gig in the Sky“, not quite fulfilling the legacy of the Pink Floyd song, possibly in acknowledgment that it won’t be that “great”!

Have we seen the first photos of the new Google phone? Possibly even though these photos are hardly much to go on. There is a Google phone coming though, called The Switch!

And the development we’ve all been waiting for, at last you can buy a condom for your mobile phone. The transparent latex covers are the perfect guard against dirt and grime, and are applied just as one would a regular condom. “Just place it on your mobile and roll it downwards”!

Have a great weekend!

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