First pictures of Tag Heuer Mobile Phone

It has been announced that Tag Heuer will be join the likes of D&G, Prada and launching their own branded mobile phone. The phone will be designed by Paris based ModeLabs and is expected to launch within the next few months. The phone will be a completely new design, unlike the D&G phone, which was just a standard Motorola V3 resprayed gold with a stuck-on D&G logo.

The phone is expected to be made of stainless steel and to have many similarities to Tag Heuer watches, so using this information we have mocked-up a few pictures, see below. The likelihood is that the phone will be in the form of “phone” rather than a watch, but you never know!

Tag Heuer phone

Enlarge image

Tag Heuer Watch Phone

Enlarge image

There is no information on price at the moment but it won’t be cheap, the phone may even join our list of the most expensive mobile phones in the world.

As soon as we have more information we will let you know.

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50 thoughts on “First pictures of Tag Heuer Mobile Phone

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  2. Good news to all lovers of tag heur products.They are launching their phone on september.Its called meridist and it looks like a “phone”.If you want to check it out go to

  3. Hey guys and gals of the realtime world – good morning, bonjour, Gooten Tag, …….AH, that coffee, and now for a smoke……AH, that’s living large in the big city, South Florida, USA, land of the FREE, the HOME, and the BRAVE ……….wait a minute ………wait a minute, the Phone is Ringing…….WHAT TIME IS IT………..WHAT THE HECK DID I DO WITH MY WRIST WATCH? Comment OVER – this device is a RICH MAN’S/RICH WOMAN’S TOY. I’ve purchased only 3 Operating Systems in my 73 years of life, BUT, I’ve bought about 50 wrist watches – I lose them – they disappear – and I was once robbed at the street level – Dude said “Gimmee your Watch!”

    ARGH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>picture this scene – “Fine upscale restaurant, black tie, they’re all looking Red Carpet and A-List…..the soup is being served………a phone rings, and there it is………the Van Gogh of the 21st Century……….some moron holding a soup spoon in his/her right hand balancing freshly prepared Gaspacho, in a Rogers Sterling Silver spoon of course, while talking to his/her wrist phone at the same time in order to answer the call. Try that Olympics Maneuver….go ahead…..try it in front of a mirror. Hold a spoon in your right hand to your mouth, then talk to your left wrist and see what you look like. YOU WILL CRACK UP!

    If the manufacturer of this WRIST PHONE gave it to me, I’d refuse it – I’m not a contortionist, nor a clown, this device is unique, for those who simply want to blow funds on another TOY – where’s SALLY – she’s a phone on the horizon – she talks to you – interrupts conversations, tells you jokes, speaks in a healthy list of languages, and she’s so smart she’d never tip you off to buy a Dick Tracy phone. Thanks for this opportunity to post my negative comments.

  4. This device gets my rating of “L” for LOSER – forget it – a telephone in a wristwatch – what’s that going to look like on CCV cameras, and what if you have an engagement that calls for the wearing of GOLD, a second phone? Come on, Dick Tracy and his wrist phone was a cool idea about 60 years ago, but today’s society is not going to be strung out on a telephone about the size of a Peppermint Pattie. Think about it, one phone, ohe wristwatch, and then what – formal eveninig, what do you do then, chuck your Rolex? “Hi, good evening, right this way please, he hosts would like to meet you, and thanks for wearing black tie, and by the way, that ugly wristwatch doesn’t blend in with your attire – here, wear this Lucien Piccard, 18 carat, and put that piece of crap in this box, you’ll get it back later.”

    I would name this Tag Heuer phone “STUCK” – once you buy it, and use it, you’re STUCK with it. Hey, we all like to be in fashiioin – well you tell me how you’re going to be in fashion with this phone? Well, maybe you’ll have a few of these phones, one in black, one in silver, one in gold…….go on……GO ON…….unless you’re buying this modern day Dick Tracy phone so that you can put it in your purse or pocket. Think about that for a moment. This phone is just another TOY, impractical, and I’d like to be among the first to hear someone SHOUT – “WHAT DID I DO WITH MY WATCH…..I MEAN PHONE.” Sorry, “STUCK” is a DUD.

  5. i am so happy to know that tag heuer is getting such kind of watch i would like to own one if it fits my range i have 2 tag watch Kirium F1 & old Link Crono . I Wish all the best to TAG Heuer

  6. IF the phone is actually in the watch and it has all the BASIC watch and phone features I need and it isn’t huge/ugly, then I really, really want one. I don’t wear a watch right now since I carry a cell phone and, frankly, why bother w/ two time peaces, right? This would be the magic device to get me back into watches. This watch/phone with a BT headset? Oh ya baby!

  7. When I was younger, I had a few Heuer gadgets. An outrageous red car race timer with huge led’s and I believe a watch. Boy, would I love to own the above. It looks great and hopefully if won’t be gigantic that just plain looks awful on your wrist. I am a well known beta-tester for who I can’t say because of NDA’s but I always have time to do another beta test product.

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