LG Shine launches on February 7th

LG are carving out a bit of a reputation for themselves as a designer of desirable handsets.

They scored a major hit last year with the release of the Chocolate phone (so called for no other reason other than it is about the same shape as a chocolate bar!), and they’re rumoured to be involved in production of the ultimate glam gladget, the Prada branded phone!

And I thought LG just did washing machines!

LG Shine Gold.jpg           LG Shine Side.jpg

The Shine is their next release and it’ll be with us from 7th February

.Its an extremely good looking slider phone and will probably sell well too if sales figures from Korea are anything to go by. Since its launch there in November it has sold more than 180,000 handsets.

And it’ll be popular here as well, not the result of a high spec list, but because it has a screen that doubles as a mirror!

When the phone is shut, the display disappears and is replaced by a 2.2 inch shiny mirror, which is great because ultimately people like to look at themselves!

It has a brushed metal finish, and gives the impression of being an expensive handset, although like the Chocolate it is likely to be comfortably at the affordable end of the market. We got our hands on an early model here at Dial-a-Phone and were very impressed.

They’ll be swooping like magpies!

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