Pretty in Pink?

What exactly do you get your sister for Christmas?Samsung e900 pink.jpg

While trawling the internet searching for inspiration, I found one online comedian who suggested I consider a pink 3 mobile phone.

I wouldn’t have to search long, every phone that is brought out at the moment seems to have a pink relation.

nokia 6111 pink.jpg

They cover the whole spectrum of pinks as well. From the baby watery pink of the Nokia 6111 to the bubblegum pink of the Samsung E900 to the violent purple of the Motorola Razr.

I’ve even seen men with them, though we’re usually talking arty studenty types, not football thugs. You never know though, it could become a kind of ironic gesture, a statement that says “I know I’ve got a pink phone, what are you going to do about razr pink.jpgit?” No one laughs at a pink shirt these days!

Personally I say you don’t mess around with a phone. A phone is like a hairstyle, it says something about you. A Sony Walkman phone says you’re young and exciting, a Blackberry says you work for a bank. I like to think my K800i says i’m stylish and extremely good at photography, but maybe it just means i’m a bit fat.

The ultimate pink phone ever released was the Samsung E530, which was so girly it actually had a dedicated shopping list area and calorie calendar. From all accounts it was a decent phone but our test run model received the following verdict. “Too frilly”!

Jen, just to clarify, you’re getting a cd.

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